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AD - The Beginning of The Voyagers series and the Azurite Temple

posted Aug 5, 2015, 3:01 PM by RhA Liason

Toto, We're Not in Kansas Anymore


The Beginning of The Voyagers series and the Azurite Temple

Anna Hayes

Around the world people follow Ashayana Deane and her teachings about the true history of Planet Earth and role of humans and ETs in it. Her fascinating material started here, with this article in Contact Forum, in 1998.

My personal journey into the unknown

Experience with extraterrestrial contact and the alien abduction phenomenon can leave one feeling like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ. Through a torrent of spiraling consciousness and a blaze of blue light you may find yourself thrust into a strange new land of Good Fairies, Wicked Witches and a host of little grey midgets who buzz about you, staring as they silently mumble among themselves. More times than I can count, I have found myself wishing for a pair of those magical ruby slippers and squeezing my eyes tightly closed, chanting " ...there's no place like home," hoping the spell would take hold and transport me back to the safe little world of common ideas where space ships, alien beings, hybrid races and conspiratorial government coverups are simply elements of a science fiction novel. But home was not to be found so easily, for once ET presence has made itself known in your life, it changes everything. The world can no longer be viewed in common terms, as the comforts of consensual rationale slip away and the uncharted territory of a bright, new alien landscape unfolds.

My personal journey into the unknown began when I was four years old when I was unwillingly taken by a small grey being onto a space craft and abruptly dropped into a quandary of conflicting world views. The gates to the "Land of OZ" were thrust open, and like Dorothy, the quest for "home" became my all-consuming mission. Throughout my past of ritual alien abduction and ET contact, I struggled to find the truth through which I could understand this ET presence that had invaded my life, and the purposes for which these encounters had been orchestrated. As an adult I became intent upon "finding the Wizard," that mysterious, supreme being who hid behind the scenes and knew all of the answers answers that could take me home to a state of cognition that would allow me to make peace with my experiences.

After years of sleeping within the spell of alien dreams and enchanted memories, I found myself standing before the gates of the Emerald City. No longer settling for the passive, disempowering role of "abductee," I respectfully demanded "Take me to your leader." If I was going to remain cooperative during these encounters as I had been, then I wanted In the early morning hours of October 25, 1997, I was "taken to see the Wizard." I entered the encounter with my arsenal of demands, "Who, what, why, when, where and how?" and found to my surprise the gentle response of "All right, you are ready now."

Off To See The Wizard

On Friday evening, October 24, 1997, I sat in my living room with Harold Egeln, founder of the New York City-based SPACE organization. Harold visited me at my New Jersey home following my request for his investigation into a new development within my on-going relationship to ET presence. For more than a month I had witnessed strange, threedimensionally solid but transparent, boomerangshaped objects flying at very low altitudes over my house and yard. (The objects had a "wing span" of about 2.5 yards.) I'd asked Harold to investigate these "flying shapes" and perhaps lend perspective on their possible correlation to the odd dreams and spontaneous inner vision I had recently been experiencing. In the dreams and visions I clearly saw a huge, lighted space craft "parked'' directly over my house. Previously I'd had many encounters involving space craft, but never before had I repeatedly received images of craft stationed over my home or witnessed the "flying shapes" that now frequented my back yard. The image of the craft showed a brightly lit, metal-like vehicle that was positioned very high up in the atmosphere and was the size of several city blocks. At its sides there appeared to be two smaller, crownshaped crafts "docked" upon the larger and at the base of the large ship several much smaller boomerangshaped vehicles hung in
motionless suspension. The small craft resembled the "flying shapes" that cascaded about my house in day light or at night. Both Harold and I were quite curious as to what these new experiences represented.

Harold arrived in N.J. on Friday evening, but the flying shapes did not make an appearance. Instead our ET visitors had something else in store for us. By 3:30 A.M. Harold and I had exhausted ourselves with discussion and were preparing to retire. At 3:45 A.M. my fiveyearold daughter Sarah abruptly woke from a sound sleep, frightened by a mysterious "knocking sound" she'd heard in her bedroom. I tucked her in again at 4:00 A.M., putting a night light on for her before retiring to my bedroom. Stepping into my room, I briefly saw something move quickly toward the bed and then heard Sarah shriek from her bedroom. Nearly colliding in the hallway, I intercepted Sarah as she ran crying from her bedroom. "Mommy, the light keeps going on and off" she cried, clearly frightened. As I reached for the light switch everything suddenly turned a deep, dark velvetblack, and my neck hairs bristled as Sarah began screaming again. Street lights no longer shone through the windows, and the neighbors' porch lights went off.

Calling out to Harold, I escorted Sarah toward the living room, where he stood at the picture window observing the dark street. "It could be a power surge or black out," I offered, hoping to calm Sarah's fears. Suddenly the lights returned but rather than coming on all at once (as would be characteristic of a power surge), the lights began to flash off and on in a syncopated rhythm throughout the neighborhood, while our house remained in darkness. A faint, barely audible hum began to reverberate in my skull, and suddenly the lights outside went off again. As all of the neighborhood lights remained off, I noticed, reflecting off the cars parked outside, a beam of white light that seemed to emanate from directly above my house. "Can power surges do that ?" I whispered to Harold, and we exchanged an apprehensive glance. Then the lights came on again, continued their syncopaÅ/d dance for about ten minutes, went off briefly, then came on in a normal fashion. After several minutes of no further disruption, we assumed our mysterious light show was over, and again we retired.

I tucked Sarah into my bed, shut off the light but before I could put my head on the pillow I saw something move swiftly toward the bed. The streetlights again went off then a bright white light appeared in the bedroom window. I glanced at Sarah beside me and found that, strangely, she was fast asleep. Turning back toward the light I was startled to find a tall, thin, grayish-yellow being standing beside the bed.

" I am Dralov. I come as representative of the Sirian Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense." The being put the words in my head without uttering a sound. As I began to rise, Dralov touched my shoulder, and I watched as he began to grow less dense. Sarah began to levitate off the bed, still asleep, as I felt my own body begin to lose matter density. We were escorted toward the hallway, Sarah in a trancelike state, while I remained conscious. I had not seen the blue light beam scan across the back yard as Harold did. When we reached the living room, Harold was searching for his shoes while another being waited for him by the front door. We left the house to meet with a group of people, all seemingly human, who waited on the corner, clearly illuminated by a bright white light from above the house. Someone in the group waved to Harold, and he waved back as the three of us were led around the back of the house to the neighboring vacant lot where a blue beam of light enveloped us and transported us to the large craft that hovered just above the roof top.

Meeting the Wizard

Once aboard the craft Dralov "flashed" a mental image to me of the crownshaped vehicles, then the large mother ship. I knew the small craft we were now on would take us to the mother ship where we apparently had an appointment. Harold was surrounded by a group of small "little grey"
beings who apparently knew him, and he walked off with them smiling. A tall grey being in a silvery white robe took Sarah's hand and led her away. I stood with Dralov and telepathed "Now what?" He nodded and pointed to an arched doorway that suddenly became visible as it opened.

Dralov telepathed back to me "Elder would like to see you before the presentation." Elder was a smaller being with large blue eyes and a black robe. He sat near a small, half-circle table in a white, domed room and gestured for me to sit next to him on the white step-like seat that protruded from the wall. Elder touched my right hand with his cool, dry hand, and I noticed he had a small thumb and three fingers of nearly equal length. He spoke telepathically: "The time for the calling of the code carriers has come. The first presentation on the state of current Earth events will be given tonight. The others will be there. The children are in the education facility. They cannot endure transit to the mother ship in the bridge zone, so they will remain here. They are safe; we will amuse them and continue their education. Your children have friends here. You and the others will meet in the auditorium aboard ASHALUM (the mother ship). You have been there many times before. Tonight you all will receive your assignments, for it is a time for action now."

Memories of my teen years and the many times I'd been taken to ASHALUM flooded my mind. Elder left the room nodding for me to remain there. A while later I was taken to a diamond-shaped, transparent elevator and to the auditorium, where I found Harold and a number of other human faces that were distinctly familiar.

Revelations from OZ and the Sacred House of One

Dralov and his female companion Chental escorted me to the auditorium of the star ship ASHALUM. I was seated with Harold and a group of several other humans, some of whom looked vaguely familiar. Jonathan, a blond human hybrid I'd known from other encounters sat behind me. The auditorium was all white, with six sections of step-like seats positioned in a circle surrounding a tiered, circular center stage. Over the stage, not quite touching its surface hung a huge, white globe that served as a projection screen. Several other groups of beings were seated in other sections, and I recognized Whitley Strieber. We briefly nodded recognition to each other. Elder entered the stage area, and the presentation began. The globe projection screen generated images from within seemingly in response to Elder's thoughts. He spoke to the groups telepathically for approximately three hours. Later individual group leaders, Custodians, as Elder called us, were taken to a smaller briefing room and given their private instructions as to what action to take regarding the information contained in the presentation. I was asked to begin speaking publicly, with Harold, to share the message of the presentation. Currently Harold and I are working to create presentations and workshops through which we can share our knowledge, as we have been asked to do, but I will summarize this data in this article so as to begin "spreading the word."



The Guardians

Earth is presently being visited by a vast group of intergalactic, inter-time, multidimensional visitors who are working together to assist the planet and the human race. Among them are representatives of many local and distant extraterrestrial nations as well as humans from various other time continua and non-biological entities from higher dimensions and systems of reality. This diversified group is united through a common pro-human agenda and a more highly evolved awareness of universal mechanics. They have played a major role in our species evolution through time. Some are
related to our ancestors, and they know more about our race than we know about ourselves. They are also fully aware of the other unbalanced ETs, and other-time and other-dimensional forces who attempt to interfere with Earth and human evolution. They serve, and have always served as our watchers, protectors, educators and Guardians. The Guardians operate under covenants mandated from the highest dimensions of reality, and though diversified in race, purpose and creed, all pay tribute to the Law of One. The Law of One represents a state of sublime cognition that is known within a nonphysical energy/identity structure which exists at the core of our universe and which serves as the energetic spark through which all worlds in our universe are perpetually created, nourished and sustained. Most Guardian groups refer to this Core Universal Energy/Identity Structure as " The Sacred House of One." All human concepts of God originated through a subconscious innate knowing of the reality of this Core Energy Identity. Guardian groups work in full cooperation with the Sacred House of One.

The Guardian group that had been working with me since age seven refers to itself as "the Guardian Alliance." The ET members of this group who were responsible for our recent transport to the Star ship ASHALUM are of Sirian and Arcturian lineage, utilize highly sophisticated Arcturian multidimensional time/space vehicles and are working in a protective capacity through the Sirian Arcturian Coalition for Interplanetary Defense. They are one of many project-oriented Guardian groups, and they are concerned with assisting humans and Earth to avert unbalanced human and ET agendas presently posing a threat to our species development.

Unbalanced ET groups

There are primarily two groups, both coming from other time continua, one from the third dimension (our system) and one from the fifth dimension. Both have a variety of hybrid races among them, some human hybrids. There are also a few renegade ET and other-time groups, smaller in number and less organized, who are interfering with Guardian agendas.

The Zephelium/Zeta groups are from another time continuum in the third dimension. They became trapped in our continuum while escaping the implosion of their home planet. The species declined, so they chose Earth as a place to re-colonize. Their original agenda was to orchestrate mental takeover of humans, create hybrids to re-colonize Earth, and exploit Earth's resources. They are responsible for most traumatic abductions of, and experimentation upon, human subjects. They have worked on covert agendas with elements of human government since before World War II. Presently most of their ranks have abandoned their original agenda and have agreed to operate under Guardian leadership. Many feel distressed from being trapped within our system. Some have refused Guardian direction, have continued to fulfill the old agenda, and have entered treaties with the unbalanced reptilian race Drakon. They have a tentative plan to infiltrate Earth with their hybrid races between 20012004.

The Drakons are a reptilian race from the star systems of Orion and Clamadia in both the third and fifth dimensions. They have interfered with human evolution many times in the past. They desire to see Earth territory free for exploitation and dominion. The Sirian Council has kept them at bay for aeons, but they still infiltrate human culture periodically. Recently they agreed to assist unbalanced Zeta groups with Earth takeover plans. They are presently fighting with Guardian groups for dominion over Earth's energetic portal system. They are shape-shifters and have infiltrated human culture, but their numbers are not yet strong.

Unbalanced Zeta and Drakon races share a common agenda of dominion over Earth territories and suppression and exploitation of the human species.

The Annanaki are a seed Sirian race originating from the fifth dimension. The SirianBlues are a hybrid Sirian race from the same system. Both were involved with the fifth-dimensional Atlantean cultures out of which present human cultures emerged. Some of these Sirian cultures are pro-human and assist the Guardians, but the groups presently entering the Earth system strongly dislike humans and believe that Earth would evolve better without the human race. These groups view humanity as a "cosmic virus" and desire to assist in the termination of the race, against Guardian wishes. They come from time continua in the fifth dimension and will enter Earth's time continuum in December of 1997. They plan to accelerate coming Earth changes to ensure that human culture does not survive. The Annanaki and Sirian blue races do not work with Drakon or Zeta, but they will allow those groups to entertain their unbalanced agendas because such activities serve the Annanaki-Sirian-blue goal of human self-termination. They believe they are protecting the galaxies from human contamination in the third dimension, just as they were doing in their fifth-dimensional time continuum in Atlantis.

Indeterminate ET groups

There are many groups within the ET visitor legions that are not here to participate directly in Guardian agendas, nor are they involved with unbalanced agendas. They are here simply to observe the activities taking place during Earth's time of transition. They are benign and neutral in nature, though some occasionally assist humans in times of difficulty.

Such groups could be viewed as "watchers," but this term can lead to confusion. There are many watchers, neutral Guardians, balanced and unbalanced, but the true Watchers are a very specific group of ETs. Guardians use the term "Watchers" to refer to a specific, highly evolved, multi-species, balanced ET group that is part of the vast Guardian system. They are often called the "Elders" or the "Ancient Ones," and they represent our species' earliest stellar forefathers, the Turaneusiams, from the fifth dimension. Long ago the Watchers were appointed by the Galactic Council to "watch over" and guide the overall development of the human race. Most of them are fifth-dimensional humans, though ET races from D-3 through D-7 frequently participate in their activities.

When the Watchers interact with us directly, they frequently appear wearing white, purple, silver, or gold hooded robes. Many look like "perfect" human beings, tall with human features, and some resemble human-ET combinations. Most have a whitish or pale-gray complexion, are 5.5 to 9 feet tall, and look like very old humans. Long ago, when our race was seeded here, the Watchers accepted the responsibility of keeping our planet's energies in balance until we matured enough to take over this role. They have guarded and guided us, individually and en mass, and they are presently assisting Guardian agendas that will assure our survival. We have reached a level of evolutionary maturity that enables us to take over the role held by the Watchers, and they are presently teaching us to do this effectively. Though there are many others who watch us, the true Watchers have been our species custodians since the beginning. We are part of their genetic progeny.

The Watchers oversee another large Guardian collective known as the Place Holders. They are advanced souls from higher dimensions who agree to incarnate in ET and human form in the third dimension at set intervals in linear time. They carry very high-vibrating genetic codes that are keyed to frequencies of the fifth dimensional energetic blueprint for Earth. The Place Holders ensure that the vibration of the Earth's grid remains high enough to keep the planet moving forward in its evolutionary progression through the time cycles of the third dimension. The Watchers are responsible for orchestrating the continuing incarnational cycles of the Place Holders. Until recently the Place Holders were mostly ET, so our planet's intrinsic mechanics have been controlled and directed by spiritually advanced ET groups, including a high concentration of Sirians. Recently the Watchers and the Galactic Council have turned over the role of Place Holder to the human species, and we are now being subconsciously trained to serve as Place Holders while we remain on Earth. The Watch
ers tend to work via direct encounter with those humans who have soul agreements to become Place Holders.

In our current ET drama, we have observers, visitors, Guardians, Watchers, Place Holders, and intruders. The classification is determined by who they are, where they come from, and why they are here, but one cannot determine through outward appearances how any specific individual ET should be classified. Most but not all of the Sirians are Guardians. All of the Pleadians, Arcturians, Aethiens (Mantises), and Zionites are Guardians. All the Drakons are unbalanced, as are the Phalzants (Chupacabras), which they created. The Greys, of which there are many varieties, the Infiltrates (The Ones Who Walk Among Us), and the various Hybrids can be associated with any of the other groups.


Guardian groups are making an aggressive attempt to educate humans regarding the ET agendas and coming Earth transition. They have tried to contact human governments in the past, but cooperation was refused, as humans demanded weapons technologies that the Guardians would not provide. Guardians have been contacting humans privately since 1972, offering education and preparation for the coming changes. They have been realigning the Earth's energetic magnetic grid system through cycles of electromagnetic pulse transmissions so the planet can survive the coming changes.

The Guardians will not yet make mass contact, because they would encounter force resistance from unbalanced ET groups. Though Guardians could easily win in such a confrontation, this display of force would disrupt the delicate balances of the Earth's magnetic grid and possibly cause destruction of Earth's energetic portal system. For these reasons, Guardian groups are working behind the scenes and are now requesting the assistance of certain humans to help prepare the Earth and its people for the transition period. In preparation for these changes, Guardians are making more contact with those humans who are ready, offering training in the science of vibrational mechanics and assisting in the raising of consciousness and spiritual evolution of the human race. They will wait until the unbalanced groups make their presence known to the masses before publicly disclosing their identity, and will work through their human contactees until this time.

If Earth is in danger of cataclysm at its pending time of transition, they will arrange for evacuations of those humans who can tolerate biological interdimensional travel. (Most of the human population cannot biologically tolerate the physical transmutation involved in interdimensional transport.) The Guardians prefer to see the Earth move through the changes gracefully. This can be achieved only if the planet's magnetic grid reaches a certain level of vibration/frequency within a specific time. Human assistance is needed if this vibrational rate is to be achieved in time. Presently unbalanced ET groups and covert human groups who do not understand the consequences of their actions are attempting to block the public's ability to interact with Guardian groups. If this plan of blocking succeeds, humans will be covertly controlled by the unbalanced groups and will be rendered unable to provide the needed assistance to the Guardians. Further, the Guardians will be unable to enter the Earth's energetic portal system to make direct contact with Earth. If these events occur, Earth's transition period will be marked by severe geological and climatic shifts. This can be avoided if humans take the proper steps now to avert the plans of the unbalanced groups. The Earth will go through its changes whether or not humanity is ready, but the changes can be subtle if we prepare now.


The large amount of ET intervention with Earth that is now taking place is due to our planet's
position within its present time cycle. The universe is not a random occurrence but rather exists within a highly organized, synchronistic structure of energy and motion. Part of this structure is the Time Matrix, a system of cycles of activity set in motion by the intrinsic behavior of magnetic and electrical particles. Within the time matrix there are an infinite number of time cycles, all synchronistically related, which create fields of reality through which consciousness can experience linear evolution. There is a natural order of progression as a planet and its species move through a cycle of time.

The time cycle of which Earth is presently a part represents a time continuum for its linear development. Earth's present continuum is approximately 4426 years long. This continuum exists within the frequency bands of the third dimension. In the natural order of Earth's evolutionary progression, the planet would complete four full cycles within this continuum, through which it would raise its vibrational oscillation rate high enough to enter into the frequency bands of the fourth dimensional natural progression of planetary consciousness from the lower dimensions into the higher dimensions. But due to certain conditions existing in this continuum that natural progression must be accelerated, for if it is not, the Earth would meet with destruction before it completed its fourth cycle in this continuum.

Earth is presently approaching the three and a half position within its continuum; it has completed three and a half out of four natural 4426year cycles. If Earth's evolution were allowed to progress naturally, it would reach entry into fourth-dimensional frequency bands in another 2213 years. However, there is an inescapable catastrophic event that takes place in the year 2976 in this third dimensional continuum through which our planet implodes and cannot fulfill its natural path of evolution. (We have a variety of "probable future paths of evolution" available, contained within a fixed pattern of time cycles, which allows us freedom of choice within certain limitations and the ability to direct our development within certain boundaries.

The future we meet depends upon which fixed path we are in vibrational alignment with, and at certain points in the time cycle, the planet gets "locked in" to its path until it has completed passage through the time sub-cycles inherent in that probability. Earth is now energetically locked into the frequencies of the 2976 path of evolution and would have been destined to complete that path if it were not for Guardian intervention. We are predestined, but rather have free choice within the framework of set structures of time and energy mechanics.) This event also threatens many other galactic systems in neighboring time continua, so races of beings from these other reality fields have joined together and requested assistance from higher dimensional Guardians to avert this pending tragedy. It was decided, in order to spare Earth these events, that the planet must be moved out of its present time continuum and into the one directly above before 2976.

Within the natural mechanics of the Time Matrix systems there are only four points in any time cycle that a planet can exit its present time continuum. These are called "F. Points" (fission/ fusion points) and they occur at set intervals within the cycle. The primary two F. Points occur at each one-half and one full round in the cycle. Within the next 20 years Earth will reach its F. Point at three and a half rounds; this will be the only F. Point to occur before 2976, and so it is the only point in this time continuum that Earth can exit this cycle and be moved into the next cycle.

Following the natural progression the point at which a planet completes its fourth round in the cycle and shifts out of its continuum to its next natural continuum is called the Doreadeshi (pronounced "Dough-ray-duh-shy"), the time of completion. Earth's natural Doreadeshi would occur 2213 years in the future. But due to our perilous predicament, the Guardian groups are forcing the planet into its Doreadeshi 2213 years early so that Earth can continue its evolution. The mechanics of such transitions involve knowledge of the Science of Vibrational Mechanics, which is a comprehensive understanding of how energy and polarity behave within the operation of the Time Matrix.

Presently humans have little understanding of these processes and so could not possibly remove themselves from harm's way without the assistance of more advanced stellar races who do possess this knowledge. But the Guardians need humanity's assistance to accomplish this task in a way that would insure human survival during these changes. Abductions and ET contact with Guardian groups are carried out in order to educate and biologically prepare certain humans to assist in this forthcoming process.

Humans selected to assist in this endeavor are those who possess specific genetic codes that allow for more flexibility of the biological structure. Not everyone has these codes, and those who do have a responsibility toward the planet and toward the populations who do not have the needed genetic imprint. What the code carriers do with this hidden genetic propensity will determine the overall outcome of the Doreadeshi for the remaining populations.

In the Science of Vibrational Mechanics it is understood that all things are composed of vibrating particles of energy that are all interrelated and exist within certain ratios of speed (or particle movement) in relation to each other. The speed of vibrational oscillation (movement) determines what frequency band the particles will appear within. Each matter form, be it planet or person, is composed of these units of vibrating energy, and the rate at which these units move will determine the dimension and time continuum in which the planet or person will know being. Every planet and person has an intrinsic frequency band or area of being determined by the speed of the units of energy of which it is composed.

The speed of energy unit movement of Earth and its people is presently that characteristic of the third dimensional frequency bands. In order for the Guardians to relocate the planet into the next time continuum, the rate of its particle movement must be quickly increased by the Doreadeshi so that it can fall into a vibrational oscillation rate compatible with the higher frequency bands of the fourth dimension. Each person and matter form on the planet will affect the overall vibration rate of the planet at the Doreadeshi and the Guardians are asking humans to help raise the oscillation rate/frequency of their bodies, minds, emotions and the planet before the Doreadeshi occurs.

If the vibrational rate/frequency of the planet and its people is not sufficiently raised before the Doreadeshi, the changes the Earth will go through during this transition will be more severe than if the frequency rate is compatible with the next time continuum up. Presently the frequency of the planet is nowhere near that required to make this transition gracefully. If this shift from third dimensional time continuum to fourth-dimensional continuum was attempted as is, the geological changes Earth would endure would destroy the species. A pole shift of a minor degree would occur, but this would be severe enough to wipe out the human species and most other Earth life forms.

In order to preserve the human species and other indigenous life, the higher dimensional Guardians have constructed an artificial frequency band between the third and fourth dimensions the Bridge Zone. This structure of energy interwoven into the sub-stance fabric of the Time Matrix will represent an artificially created time continuum through which Earth can complete its remaining 2213-year natural evolutionary progression to the fourth dimension. Rather than remaining in this three-dimensional time continuum and meeting destruction in 2976, Earth will have its frequency raised to match that of the Bridge Zone, and, at the Doreadeshi, Earth will shift into the Bridge Zone for 2213 years of unencumbered evolution.

If the frequency of the Earth is still too low, the transition into the Bridge Zone may create a slight pole shift that could still wipe out humanity. Humans can move themselves out of this probable future if they take responsibility now for raising frequency. Human action will determine the severity of geological change during this coming transition period. Humans possessing bodies with higher vibrating genetic codes can work together to make the transition smooth if they learn to activate certain dormant structures within their cellular imprint.

Guardians have been assisting humans subconsciously in this process through training, bioelectrical adjustments and electromagnetic pulse waves beamed onto the planet from deep space. Humans are now being asked to participate consciously in this process and to request Guardian contact through which proper education can be given.

Humanity is also being asked to pay attention to what is taking place around them in relation to ET presence and government policy. The public has been under an information blackout regarding known ET contact. If this does not change, the agendas of certain unbalanced ET and human groups will lower the frequency of the population and the planet, making the Doreadeshi transition very difficult for the race. Guardians are appealing to governments and private citizens to pay attention and begin cooperating with Guardian agendas before their uneducated activities bring great hardship to the planet. The time is now short. If the unbalanced agendas come into operation as planned by several covert groups the Guardians will only be able to evacuate and assist those humans with higher vibrating genetic codes. The others will not be able to physically withstand the frequency shift to the Bridge Zone and will have to remain on the planet to endure its geological transitions.

There is no time left for squabbling over truth or fiction. Though it may require a large leap of faith for most humans to accept the truth of what the Guardians are saying, if that leap is not made and appropriate actions taken, humans will have no one but themselves to blame for the consequences of their choices. If Earth changes of severity do occur at the Doreadeshi, it will be due to the failure of the human populace in fulfilling its responsibility as the Guardian race of planet Earth. For those who make this leap of faith, Guardian education and assistance will be provided, either consciously or on a subconscious level and through dreams and intuitive guidance. Humanity is being faced with a transition and is being asked to rise to the occasion. We are being presented with a challenge: to consciously evolve in 20 years into the state of being, consciousness and biological integrity that would normally take 2213 more years of natural evolution. It might not be easy, but it can be accomplished.


Earth will soon encounter a Doreadeshi as it completes three and a half rounds out of the progression of four in its natural time cycle. The Doreadeshi constitutes a period of energy pulsation caused by the natural behavior of energy units that bear a base electrical and base magnetic imprint. At three points within a given time cycle the base electrical and base magnetic particles of any matter form pass through each other and create an effect of fusion.

The act of fusion creates a reciprocal effect of fission within the dimensional frequency bands/time continua directly above and directly below the continuum in which the fusion occurred. Energy is continually circulated throughout the Time Matrix through this action of synchronized fission and fusion. At F. Points such as the Doreadeshi, a planet's intrinsic energetic grid system fuses with that of its antiparticle, the electrically charged counterpart to its own base magnetic particle "matter pattern." The fusion of the particles creates a burst of energy thrust that accelerates the vibrational oscillation rate of the magnetic planet, naturally raising the planet's frequency into the highest frequency bands within its dimension. As the fission and fusion points of time continua within the 15-dimensional scale are synchronistic in nature, the base magnetic planet also comes into association with its antiparticle reflection in the dimensional field above and below its dimensional placement. As the base magnetic particle fuses with its same dimensional antiparticle it dematerializes and replicates within the frequency bands of the dimensions above and below and remanifests a replica within its own dimension.

At each fusion point, three new versions of the planet's matter form are created. At fusion, one version raises in vibration and frequency, merges with its higher dimensional counterpart and replicates itself within the time continuum of the higher dimension. Another version drops in vibration and frequency, merges with its lower dimensional counterpart and replicates in the time continuum of the dimension below.

The third version of the base magnetic planet "disappears," turns into light/sound patterns, enters "hyperspace," then remanifests a replica within its same time continuum. During fusion/fission points, the natural expansion and contraction rhythm of a given time cycle is sped up as energy exchange takes place between dimensions. Energy units reverse their polarity and the direction of their spin within their time continuum. Time moves forward away from the point of the planet's entry into the time continua, then reverses its direction, moving backward in time toward its point of entry. This natural movement of a time cycle gives rise to the biological perception of progression through linear time. The pulsation rhythms of any time cycle are indelibly encoded within all subatomic particles that exist within that cycle.

At the Doreadeshi, the pulsation rhythms of all molecular structures undergo the reversal of base polarity, and the progression of linear movement through time continues. Most biological organisms in the lower seven dimensions do not have the ability to consciously perceive the activity taking place at fusion/fission points. They do not perceive the moment in time when they enter hyperspace or "disappear" from their home time continuum. Perception is reestablished as the planet replicates and remanifests, so it seems that no change in linear progression occurs, when in fact, within the intrinsic bio-energetic balances of the planet and its life forms this change in time movement has occurred. At present, the Earth is approaching a natural fusion/fission point, and if it were to progress naturally, it would enter hyperspace then remanifest to complete its final 2213 years of evolution within its present three-dimensional time continuum. Normally this natural transition would go unnoticed by the inhabitants of the planet, and though some geological and climatic shifts might manifest in physical terms, most biological earth forms would not notice an interruption in conscious time perception.

Earth has passed through numerous F. Points with relatively few dramatic changes of a physical nature. The present three-dimensional time continuum that Earth is cycling in runs about 4426 Earth years. Every 2213 years Earth moves through a primary F. Point while its biological integrity appears to remain constant in a progression through linear time. Earth entered its present continuum 31+ cycles ago; 137,206+ years ago (4426 years x 31.5 cycles). The planet has thus experienced 62 primary F. Points .

At the completion of every 4 full cycles (a Pardo, 4 full rounds of a dimensional time cycle), 17,704 years in this continuum, the Earth is presented with the opportunity to transmute its form into the dimension above or below, or to remain within its present continuum. Earth has remained within this continuum for 7 full Pardos, 28 full four-round cycles. It is due to enter the last 1/2 cycle of its present Pardo (the 8th Pardo) in the year 2017. The completion of this Pardo, the natural Doreadeshi, would occur in the year 4230 (2017 + 1/2 cycle of 2213 years) but because of the cataclysm in the year 2976, the Doreadeshi has been moved back in time to the year 2017, the only natural F. Point between now and 2976. The frequency of Earth must be brought into a compatible vibration rate with the Bridge Zone before 2017 if severe Earth changes are to be avoided.

In our present time continuum there is a period of 40 years over which time the fusion/fission cycle is entered. This period is marked by a natural acceleration of the base rhythms of the planet. The acceleration period begins about 20 years before the F. Point, 1997, progressively increases to its highest acceleration point/ F. Point at 2017, then the planet begins its natural deceleration in vibrational movement for 20 years following the F. Point, to 2037. The natural acceleration in subatomic vibrational speed represents an infusion of electromagnetically coded Photon particles from the dimension above, in our case from the fourth dimension.

As the Earth enters the 20-year acceleration prior to the F. Point of 2017 photon activity will progressively increase and reach its heights of intensity during 2017. These energy dynamics are taking place within UHF areas of the third dimension and thus exist beyond the range of perception of human consciousness and beyond the scope of present mechanical devices which are presently able to detect activity within only the lowest UHF range. As this photon activation increases, subtle changes will be detected in regard to known gamma ray activity, which will be the primary clue to indicate that Earth has entered a photon activation.

Five years before the F. Point and Guardian orchestrated Doreadeshi, the photon emanations from the fourth dimension will become a constant "beam" of super UHF energy that "locks onto" the magnetic energy grid of the planet. In 2012, when that photon beam becomes a constant transmission from deep space, the vibration rate/frequency of the planet and everything on it will be "frozen," locked into its present pattern of movement. The frequency at which the planet is "frozen" in 2012 will be the frequency rate at which it encounters the F. Point of 2017, and this will be the frequency at which Earth enters the Bridge Zone in 2017. If the planetary frequency is not high enough by 2012, many geographical changes will occur that will necessitate that the Guardian groups evacuate humans who can endure the evacuation process. If humans do their part between 1997 and 2012, the frequency of the planet can be raised enough to pass through into the Bridge Zone without dramatic physical changes.

Certain agendas presently being employed by unbalanced ET and some covert human groups have the potential to drastically lower the frequency rate of the planet and its people before 2012. Certain groups are intending to employ electromagnetic pulse technologies called "Frequency Fences " and "Holographic Inserts" to block the perceptions of masses of people in a form of biologically induced mind control. If these agendas are successful, the vibrational rate of masses of humans will be lowered, resulting not only in loss of personal perceptual freedom but also in severe Earth changes as the planet passes through the 2017 Doreadeshi. Some of the unbalanced ET groups know this will occur and are endorsing these agendas as a means of achieving self termination of the species. Other unbalanced groups do not realize the consequences of their actions just as the covert human groups do not realize what they are doing as they experiment with electromagnetic pulse technologies.

Currently governments are conducting an array of experimentation with EMP transmission, scalar waves and a host of other manipulations (such as fission and fusion technology) without realizing the effects these practices are having upon the Earth's magnetic grid or on the neurological and biochemical systems of the people. These activities threaten to disturb the grid of the planet, making its 2017 passage much more difficult.

Because it is unlikely that human governments will acknowledge the information being provided by the Guardians, and it is not likely that they will willingly curtail these activities. the Guardians are turning to private individuals and those possessing the higher vibrational genetic codes. If these selected ones work cooperatively with the Guardians, they will be able to counterbalance the effects of these unbalanced agendas, even if the masses do not acknowledge the reality of the present times. Through these cooperative humans, Guardian groups will provide the information, education and project assignments that enable the selected few to effectively secure personal and planetary balance. A network of human Guardians will be developed between now and 2012 through which clear data on the state of Earth's progression will be provided. These groups will be assigned various tasks in raising planetary frequency and will be given "inside information" as to the status of the unbalanced agendas and counter strategies to employ in diffusing the effects of these agendas.

At this time the primary unbalanced agenda that is being implemented involves the creation of a bio-neurologically induced Frequency Fence or perceptual harness, that will allow phase two of the agenda to be set in motion. Phase one involves using EMP technologies provided to covert human groups by unbalanced ET associates to block higher frequency perception in masses of people so that the only perceptual information people will be able to process through their neurological system will be activity taking place within the frequency bands of the third dimension.

Normally humans possess the "intuitive facility'' which is the biological translation of information and activity that takes place within the UHF bands of the third dimension and the higher dimensions. A frequency fence would cut off the body's ability to process higher frequency data through the central nervous system and would thus sever the intuitive facility. Once this harnessing of perceptual range is achieved, unbalanced groups would be able to carry out their manipulative agendas beyond view of humans, and they would be able to project into the three-dimensional perceptual field any type of five-sensory holographic dramas they desire. The technology to instrument this plan is still in the possession of unbalanced ET groups, and only small portions of this knowledge have been given to covert human groups; they still experiment to discover how to employ these tactics.

The unbalanced ET groups plan to offer more of this technology in 1998 and 1999 and to lead the human coverts into employing the frequency fence by 2001. In 1998, if all goes according to their plan, a fake "UFO crash" will be staged and information about alien presence will be filtered into mainstream awareness in preparation for a mass encounter with an alien race scheduled for 2001. Those presenting themselves in this mass encounter will represent themselves to the public and the governments as benign Guardian "space brothers" and will attempt infiltration of Earth's political power structures using holographic inserts. They are not Guardians but rather unbalanced-agenda ETs attempting to exploit the planet and cause the degeneration of the human species.

If this plan goes well, by 2004 the holographic insert technology and mass frequency fence will be set in motion, information from true Guardian groups will be blocked and the unbalanced ETs will gain control of Earth's energetic portal system. The Earth's portal system allows for transit and communication between the third dimension and the higher dimensions. It governs the operation of the time portal system which allows movement between time continua. If the unbalanced groups secure possession of the portal structures on Earth before 2012, the Earth's passage into the Bridge Zone will be very difficult and geologically traumatic. Guardians are asking humans now to begin taking action to avert the success of this intended unbalanced plan. If planetary frequency and the vibration rate of the Earth's portal structures can be raised high enough by 2004, the frequency fence will not work and the unbalanced agendas will fail. The unbalanced groups will still attempt to manipulate the populace, but they will not be able to create the mass mind control they desire. In this case they may abandon the scheduled 2001 landing and continue to work behind the scenes.

If humans can interfere with the unbalanced agendas to this degree, many of the unbalanced ET forces will leave the Earth system, realizing that humans are too great an adversary when united with the Guardians. In this event humans will have much less trouble in raising planetary frequency by 2012 and the transition to the Bridge Zone can occur gracefully.

In order to assist humans in averting this 2004 ploy by unbalanced ETs, the Guardians are presently doing several things. They are making direct contact with those humans who are ready through consensual abductions in which the contactee is taken to the Bridge Zone for education and activation of the higher-vibrating, dormant genetic codes. These cellular activations allow the body and neurological structure to process higher frequency energy, which brings the activity of the Bridge Zone and higher dimensions into the physical perceptual field of the human while simultaneously raising the frequency of the individual's body and consciousness out of range of the intended frequency fence.

This process stimulates an accelerated development of the human's evolutionary potential of higher-sensory-perception and multidimensional travel. Guardian vessels stationed in the higher dimensions and in three-dimensional deep space are transmitting waves of electromagnetic pulse beams to Earth which serve to stimulate these cellular activations for every life form on the planet. These beams are also helping to raise the frequency and keep the balance of the Earth's magnetic grid in preparation for 2017.

Humans who do not possess the higher vibrating genetic codes, and those who have yet to have these codes activated, will be unable to physically perceive the Bridge Zone and higher dimensional activity because their neurological structures cannot synthesize those higher energies into biochemical response which creates the solid picture of physical reality. As more humans have these codes activated, more will begin to perceive activity [and vessels stationed in the deep space Earth]* within the higher frequency fields and will evolve to the point where direct physical contact with the Guardians can occur. Those who evolve rapidly will pass through the Doreadeshi with only subtle changes, while those whose bio-cellular vibrational rate remains low will have difficulty surviving this transition.

The Guardians began sending the EMP beams to Earth in 1972. The frequency and intensity of the transmissions was increased in 1987, at which time the plan to move Earth to the Bridge Zone was set in motion. The transmissions have been increased at intervals since that time, slowly building up the human's biological tolerance of higher frequency energy by activating dormant cellular codes.

On December 12, 1997, the Earth enters its 20-year photon acceleration period, the natural energy acceleration which accompanies the approach of a fusion/fission point in a planetary time cycle. With this natural acceleration in subatomic rhythms the Guardians are stepping up the transmission of their EMP beams to create a more rapid evolution of the human consciousness and physical constitution. This amplified influx of energy will create fatigue, and various forms of physical, emotional and mental imbalance within individuals whose cellular code still vibrates at the previous frequency. By consciously taking action to assist the body to hold higher energy, the effects of the EMP acceleration beams can be reduced. Guardians will provide an ongoing stream of information to those who desire to take conscious responsibility for evolving their bodies, including data on how to direct cellular activation from a conscious level and an ongoing update as to when these EMP beams are active and how to use them constructively.

In 1999 the Guardians are planning to organize a network of humans who have agreed to take this step of conscious evolution and who are willing to serve as Earth Guardians by assisting the populace in an educational capacity and by working directly with Guardian energy technologies to secure the energetic portal system of Earth. This network of humans will serve to raise, balance and hold the frequencies of Earth as it enters the Doreadeshi. These human groups will serve as intermediaries and ambassadors between the Guardian races and the humans who cannot yet biologically achieve direct, physical Guardian contact. These groups will be given the location of "safe areas" in the event that the 2017 changes are foreseen as being traumatic. If the planet vibrational rate is too low for human survival by 2012 these groups will be given data on the location and times of Guardian evacuations, and those who can biologically tolerate evacuation will be privately directed to these scheduled transports. If the unbalanced agendas do go into activation in 2004, the human Guardian groups will not be affected by the frequency fence and will be able to "see behind" the holographic inserts; they will be trained to energetically disengage others from the frequency fence. These groups will serve an instrumental role in the success of the Guardian plan to ease humanity gently through the coming transition.

Guardian groups are asking all humans to assist in this process to the greatest extent possible.


In preparation for Earth's shift into the Bridge Zone (the artificial frequency bridge and time continuum the Guardians have constructed between the third and fourth dimensions) in 2017, more and more humans are being brought to the Bridge Zone through consensual abductions. Those whose cellular codes can withstand higher frequency are taken physically, while those with lower codes are taken in the "dream body" or "astral body." The astral or dream body is the base electrical counterpart to the base magnetic molecular body. It vibrates at a higher speed than the physical body and is positioned within the frequency bands of the fourth dimension just as the physical body exists in its dimension.

The fourth-dimensional "astral" body is a natural aspect of human consciousness and exists as a hidden part of the human biological organism. It is the body used in dream experience, as the consciousness is transferred into the astral body during physical sleep. If the cellular code of the human cannot tolerate higher frequency, the Guardians shift the consciousness into the astral body, immobilize or put to sleep the physical body and take the person to the Bridge Zone for education.

In both physical and astral abductions a memory distortion occurs upon the return of consciousness to the physical reality in D3. This occurs because the physical neurological structure has not yet expanded to be able to process higher frequency impulses. The experiences usually return in pieces of memory, sometimes much later in time, until the neurological structure has been expanded through cellular activation of dormant codes. As the central nervous system evolves memory returns more quickly and completely until eventually there is no gap in perception.

The astral abduction is remembered immediately and in sequence, and the physical abduction does not include a seeming gap in perception; the physical encounter is experienced as such in the present time. Within its frequency band the Bridge Zone is also a physical reality, and activity there is just as real and concrete as it is in usual physical reality. It is simply out of range of usual human perception at this stage of evolution. By 2017 the usual range of human perception will be expanded and thus the Bridge Zone will be experienced as a physical reality with its experiential linear progression through time. In the meantime Guardians are assisting humans to evolve to this point by 2017 so that the biological and perceptual integrity of humans can be maintained.

All dimensions within the 15-dimensional structure follow a set pattern of energy or a common dimensional blueprint. In this blue print each dimension is constructed of 4 primary frequency bands, HF, LF, UHF and ULF. Earth is presently positioned within the HF band of the third dimension. The Bridge Zone is positioned within the UHF area of the third dimension and the ULF area of the fourth dimension. As Earth rises in frequency, and with it the perceptual range of humans, the activity taking place within the UHF band of the third dimension will become physically apparent.

People who have the highest vibrating cellular codes between now and 2017 will be those most conscious of their involvement with the Bridge Zone and will be the first to experience it as a physical reality. They will also be able to receive communications from ET and other dimensional Guardians who are stationed within or utilize the Bridge Zone for contact. They will also be those who begin to have much clearer dream recall and conscious control over astral projection and bi-location if their cellular code potential allows for the development of these skills.

Those with higher codes will be able to physically travel between Earth and the Bridge Zone. They will time travel from the present time continuum to the continuum of the Bridge Zone, which in terms of Earth time constitutes 2213 years into the future. (The ultra-high frequency bands in the third dimension where the bridge zone begins match the vibrational oscillation rate of the frequency band Earth would be in 2213 years in the future if it followed its natural progression. The bridge zone allows us to jump out of our current time frequency and into the time frequency of 2213 years in the future.) Some contactees have already begun this physical time travel and the biological transmutation involved in such endeavors. As the Doreadeshi approaches more people will be presented with this opportunity.

In 2012 the Earth will begin its five-year ascent into the frequency bands of the Bridge Zone.
By 2017 the Earth will be halfway into the Bridge Zone, positioned within the UHF bands of the third dimension. In January 2017, Earth will fuse with its antiparticle in D3. In May, 2017, it will again fuse with the artificially constructed base electrical blue print in the Bridge Zone and through the action of the photon beam (a natural occurrence at a primary fusion/fission point such as that of 2017) Earth will then ascend in frequency into the ULF area of the fourth dimension.

There a time cycle of 2213 years of evolution will take place. If the changes proceed smoothly, there may be some minor time distortions and a visual effect of a lunar reflection that resembles "moon halos" but could be as distinct as a visual manifestation of two separate moons in close position. There will be an increase in solar flares for several months during and after this transition and some localized flooding, and land activity. The 2017 Doreadeshi and transition to the Bridge Zone has been named ''the Night of the Two Moons" because of its potential, physically observable visual effects.

Guardians are requesting that humans make an effort to "reach for the Bridge Zone" before the Night of the Two Moons as this will make the planetary transition easier for the individual and the masses,


Raise frequency and reach for the Bridge Zone.

All people can help the planet and themselves by consciously developing their intuitive perceptions. The natural intuitive facility in every human can be expanded, and this process of expansion automatically sets in motion biological energetic processes that activate dormant cellular codes and raise the frequency of the body and consciousness. Due to the natural acceleration of the photon beam and the amplified energies from the Guardian EMP transmissions, development of the intuitive facility will occur more easily and more rapidly than at any other point in human evolution. The ego, or conscious personality must simply expand its beliefs about the nature of self and reality, move beyond fear and out of judgment and commit to allowing the soul or super conscious mind to serve as the guiding influence behind conscious choices. Intuition is a natural attribute of the human condition, and through intended development it will expand and become a reliable apparatus of perception and evaluation.

The simple choice and commitment to take responsibility for conscious, personal evolution will set this natural process of expansion in motion. Guardian groups will work behind the scenes or directly to assist individuals and groups in this endeavor. Our ability to fulfill our role as Earth's Guardian species lies within the rapid development and conscious utilization of our intrinsic intuitive aspects of consciousness.

As more people develop the intuitive facility, more information and experience from the Bridge Zone will come into human awareness. Armed with this knowledge and the power it provides, humans can engage the counterstrategies that will negate the unbalanced ET agendas by 2004. And with this new awareness humans can then begin to create the changes in their own agendas which will allow for the raising of planetary frequency and a disarming of human activities that are disrupting Earth balances. These changes can take place before the 2012 deadline if humans choose wisely.

Personal intuitive development and the resulting up leveling of the subconscious mind to a conscious level are the first steps. Embracing the reality of the personal soul and its higher dimensional aspects of being is the second step. Intuition will lead directly to soul awareness and the integration of the ego, emotions, physical body and spirit. Guardians are working with every human in the dream state, and will work on conscious levels if the personality is ready to engage in such a relationship. They are also introducing the science of Keylonta the technology of light, sound, subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter as a tool for people interested in consciously raising frequency. Unbalanced ETs gave portions of this technology to covert human groups, which enabled them to devise the plan for frequency fences and holographic inserts. Keylonta can also be used to block such attempts at manipulation.

The time for action is now. We have 15 years to transform our beliefs, our actions, our commitments, our attitudes, our self-concepts and the rate of vibration of our planet. Action begins at home within the private psyche and through the intended transformation of our own little piece of the planet. Our bodies, emotions and thought forms. Each one of us counts, and each person who reaches for true soul awakening plays an important role in the overall outcome. There is no middle ground in this cosmic game. Each one of us is either part of the solution or part of the problem, and each of us will ultimately be accountable for the consequences of our choices. Choose well.

No Place Like Home

Following my October 25th encounter with the Arcturians and our journey to the star ship ASHALUM, I felt as if I had entered a point of no return. I had wanted my questions answered, simply, sensibly easy answers that my rational ego could digest. By the end of my visit I felt further away from "home" than ever, as if I'd somehow become a character of a sci-fi movie trapped somewhere between Star Trek and the Twilight Zone. The answers were not easy, and they did not put me down gently into the secure little world-view of contemporary beliefs.

I was as dumbfounded as Dorothy when she discovered that the Wizard was a tiny little guy behind a curtain. Elder, my wizard in this drama, could not send me home, he could only point the way and offer a few bits of magic. The power to go home had to come from within myself, and the pathway required that I suspend all judgments and rational arguments to the contrary. Tapping together the magical ruby slippers of my newfound perspectives, I had to take a leap of faith that the magic would take hold and bring my rational, reasoning mind into a new world view through which peace and effective action could be found. The proverbial "Kansas" had been changed forever as the wisdom of OZ revealed familiar lands in a whole new light.

I made a choice. I chose to give the Guardians and the experiential reality of me and Harold Egeln the benefit of the doubt. If the Guardians' evaluation of Earth's present situation is accurate it is far more dangerous and irresponsible to ignore their warning and assume my ego knows all the answers, than it is to make my ego trust enough to take action as the Guardians requested.

If they are right, we have everything to lose by ignoring them and nothing at all to gain. If they are wrong, entertaining the reality they have presented is harmless and at its worst simply serves to expand one's world-view into the realm of possibility.

In assessing this belief dilemma I turn to my highly developed (thanks to the Guardians) Intuitive facility, that "gut instinct" through which the reality of my spirit speaks. My intuitional verdict is that the Guardians I have known are correct and that on the spiritual level every human soul knows what is taking place. Our egos simply need to be reminded of why we have come to this reality at this place and time. Our salvation lies within our remembering the truth as it is known in our souls, for once we remember, our egos will realize their survival depends upon cooperating with the personal soul and the higher dimensional evolutionary agendas of which the soul is a part.

Kansas and OZ are merging, becoming one unified reality field through which the gates of "heaven" will come into sight. The old Kansas, and the world view it represents, is dying and being born again, transformed. Soon there will be no place like home but in our memory, for home is becoming new and imbued with new life. We can play Dorothy and find ourselves thrust, unconscious through the gates of OZ to awaken in a strange new land, or we can take a deep breath, hold our heads high and walk through the gates upright and awakened. It is a personal choice, but one day soon we will all gather upon the yellow brick road of a new time continuum and begin our journey of evolution in search of the Emerald City that exists somewhere within the hidden roots of our

One day we will all meet our personal wizard, and we will find that no matter what reality field you might find yourself within the truth, the knowing and the power lie within you in a perpetual point of stillness out of which all reality in motion emerges.

OZ is but a step away. Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore And we shall never be again.

About Anna Hayes (now using the name Ashayana Deane)

Anna Hayes has had physical encounters with ET intelligence since the age of four. After a Near-Death Experience at age 18, she began study with a large group of pro-human ET and higher dimensional identities called the Guardian Alliance (G.A.). For over 14 years she has worked cooperatively with the G.A. through consensual physical abductions, visitations, multidimensional experience and Keylonta communications to assist in efforts of global spiritual awakening and conscious evolution. Through her work with the G.A., Anna was trained in the technology of Keylonta the science of light, sound, the subconscious symbol codes and base codes of matter. She is author of Voyagers: The Sleeping Abductees, which is being published by Wild Flower Press in 1998. This volume, the first in the a series, expands upon the information in this article. Order the Voyagers books.

Through combining Keylonta with art, she is exploring the potentials of this technology while offering new tools for transformation. Presently Anna is launching the Voyagers Project and the Keylonta Foundation to continue the work of the Guardian Alliance. To support these projects she offers a variety of Guardian Art and Keylonta services and will soon offer workshops on related subjects. Contributions and support for this work are greatly appreciated.

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