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posted Oct 12, 2015, 10:15 AM by RhA Liason


This article was written as a response to a thread where I mentioned the unique challenges that have always faced the black race here in these modern times, and this is merely clarity of that topic. I thought I would share the origins of each of your races with you here so you can grasp more of how you came to be, who you are, where exactly you came from and what your purpose was in what some refer to as the "grand experiment" of the Tuaneusiam-1 Project Avatar. This information comes from the ancient and sacred texts held within the holographic Cloister Dora-Teura Plates, carefully preserved with accurate and authentic historic data that has been unmodified and stands as the true history of the Angelic Human Krystos Avatar race, protected and preserved by the founding fathers of that species, the Guardian Alliance. It is not a work of fiction, but it is your true heritage. The encrypted data contained in this discs have been authentically translated into earth-language by Speaker-1 of the Guardian Alliance, E'Asha Ashayana. The information here has been somewhat "fleshed out" for you here by the writer to help explain some more detail than simply the data from the CDT plates so you can grasp more of just what each different seed race brings to the table as it were.

There were 5 "root" or "Cloister" races originally seeded to earth's surface beginning 560 million years ago. All of these base races were from the morphogentic fields of Palaidor from the planet Sirius B, inside the 4th Dimension of the 15 Level Time Matrix of Gaia. All of these similar beings had been developed using the one "father", or BASE template of the Elohim you think of as "Archangels". This was merely the first eternal biological DNA template that used the unique energy source of the KRYST method of drawing in energy from what you call ether, which is actually the eternal standing energy from the primal plasma fields of the Deity Planes. With this feature added to the bi-pedal, hominid "human" form into the DNA string, (FAR below DNA is how you are actually created by something called Parici, PartikA and Perticum, the sub-quantum of the simple "DNA" used by your current geneticists), those beings could hold together a physical, biological form that needed no water, no food, and no sleep to live eternally with extremely advanced abilities that had been up until that point, merely a dream. If they lost a limb in an accident, it would merely grow back. This went for any part of the physical body as well, except for the heart. If that were to be destroyed, it would not grow back and the silver chord attaching the plasma body to the Deity Planes would be severed, leaving only the prana seed within the core of the heart to be placed back into a re-birthed Avatar inside the same Dimension as the one where the life had been lost.

Within the 4th dimensional field of Palaidor, of Sirius-B inside the Gaia Time Matrix, this template was called the Oraphim Maharaji and known as Indigo here in your dimension. Blue-skinned beings with extraordinary mental and physical abilities. These were the first beings used as Guardians of Tara, and their genetic code was specifically coded to Tara's morphogenetic bodies, both manifest as well as his plasma body. Unless the unique frequencies of this race were within manifestation on that planet (what your planet's position was during your first seeding), the entire energy structure of the planet was coded to shut down, and all of her stargates would automatically close. Think of it as a safe room in your house, where if an alarm was triggered, the steel covers on the windows and doors would slam shut, protecting what was inside. In this case, what was inside was a highly sophisticated and unique planet that was of immeasurable beauty and resources which would be extremely appealing for other races to live, that the planet had not been created for. If another race of being chose to come into this field and destroy all of the Maharaji, then they would remain trapped here and unable to get out. The life-support forces coded into the planet would cease to operate, and they would be living inside of a "hell on earth". This was a planet designed specifically to be home to the evolving super race known as the "T-1s" and "T-2s". We aren't going to get into the T-2s in this article. There are still pure, full-strain Maharaji on earth today and the Hindus have plenty of stories to tell about these blue beings. They remain here as long as human kind continues their evolution, to keep the planet operational. Their protection comes from your founding fathers, the Guardian Alliance and both they as well as earth is protected under what is called the Emerald Covenant, an interstellar peace treaty that is observed by the many different galactic communities to never interfere in your organic evolution. There have been a few exceptions to this, but the Covenant remains in place and backed by 350 million different races. Why they remain your captors now is outside of the scope of this article.

While evolving in Palaidor, the Maharaji DNA template was then re-coded in several different ways in search of higher levels of perfection, each one carrying unique traits that would cause their skin color to switch from the blue original template, to that of red, of brown, of yellow, white, and even black. And each different color of being was uniquely different from its counterparts. It was these 5 differing strains of the same race that would be then used in the Turaneusiam-1 Project Avatars of Tara, so they could now all be blended together with each other to make a collective "whole" out of these different subspecies. A brand-new, "super race" of the Elohim genetic template.

The brown-skinned seed, or "Cloister" race were known as Ur-Antrian. They have unique traits that give them almost superhuman ability to handle high heat climates, and thrive where others might succumb. The red-skinned seed are from the house of Breanoua, who have incredible instinctive abilities. We have yet to find in the military any other race that can track like they can, with what seems like magical accuracy. It is important to point out here, that when native American Indians were used as tracking guides in the US Army, they would be able to somehow just simply "sense" where the target was, but only if their hair was long. When they cut their hair, these abilities were lost. Hair is part of the silicate matrix of the human body connecting your plasma body to the manifest world around you and acts as an antenna. When you cut your hair short, or off, you cut off your connection to your "6th sense". It was this reference to hair in the story of Hercules where your captors were hiding the truth about hair connecting you to the energies of the ether around you.

The white race were the Hibiru genetic template and bring high IQs, CLAIR abilities such as Clairvoyance, telepathy, etc. as well as artistic creative features, not to mention a hardy physical makeup that can withstand very cold climates. Your Asian yellow-skinned brothers were of the house of Melchizedek and were predisposed to spiritual enlightenment, with a deep respect for nature and for other beings. It is this instinctive nature of being humble and respectful that made different Asian races so easy to dominate by a dictator, and why they are still to this day trapped behind the red curtain.

The black-skinned cloister race were from the house of Yunaseti. While the Yunaseti aren't considered "better" than the other races, they do bring some unique features to the mix when seeking to create a super race of human.

Each race had their own special and unique qualities that we just covered, plus many others, that when blended all together would make up the one species known on this planet as the "Angelic Human Krystos", KRYST for short. This is where "Christ" got this term in the distorted historical texts, as he was the embodiment of a 100%, pure 12-strand "Krysted" being. Just that fact that he was the manifest perfect representation of your collective species while on earth should answer the question right now if he was black or white. He was both, along with red, yellow and brown. The SCIENCE behind the DNA template of this special being, the Angelic Human, was developed over 420 million years by a group of beings from different parts of this Time Matrix, as well as from others spread out across the cosmos. This team of geneticists were called the Turnaneusiam and then became known during your evolution as the Guardian Alliance, as they were doing the job of looking after your fully evolving this new and highly ambitious race.

Of the five different Cloister races, the Yunaseti (black) race brought physical aspects that I personally consider extremely valuable, perhaps not "better" than any one of the 5 different root races, but aspects I tend to gravitate to and would like to share with them, as I think most would.

One is the dispensation of muscle structure, allowing them to do things the rest of the root races would not be able to compare to such as running, jumping, dancing etc. This is why the black race utterly dominates in the sports categories here in this modern time as you see around you now. Tennis, basketball, track, boxing etc. where the other seed races have no way to perform at those levels. They also brought physical form that can be appealing to certain perspectives, more so than other less pronounced forms. If a woman has large breasts or a very curvy waist today, it is most likely she has Yunaseti blood DNA in her lineage somewhere, regardless of her skin color. And the most interesting thing that came from the Yunaseti is their connection to music. It would be hard for anyone to argue that they do not carry abilities in this respect that others could only dream of having. Voices that carry what we call "soul", or depth of tonal structure that creates amazing resonance. They are predisposed to acute musical timing and tempo, and let's face it, musical creativity in general. Michael Jackson showed us just how far the Yunaseti can go when it comes to music.

While each cloister race is integral to the complete Angelic Human, fully integrated together as a single person, and all brought their own valuable aspects of what that being would be when fully evolved together, it would be hard to argue that the Yunaseti did not bring extraordinary and extremely valuable traits to the table. No race has ever been targeted so specifically and in so many different ways by the invader races as the Yunaseti has, from extraordinary efforts with mind-control, segregation, racism, slavery, lynchings. In a world where we are all equal, the blacks find closed doors, dead-ends and outright traps set up for them like no other, due to their unique abilities if allowed to fully manifest, would be a unique challenge for your captors to overcome. This is what I meant by my comments about just how valuable the black race is here and what they represent to your form once fully evolved.

Your blood genetics will carry all of the traits of all of the Cloister races equally when you are complete and whole again, not segregated off into specific "pure" bloodlines of just white, or yellow, but all equal. Once that happens, all humans will sing like blacks can, jump like they can, run like they can, and each will have the IQs, artistic, scientific and creative traits of all the others, each one being just as important to the creation of the final end person we won't call black, white, yellow, red or brown, but HUMAN. I for one would love to see all 5 of the races fully intermingle so we could all have pieces of each one. Your captors were the ones that instilled into your different races the notion of keeping your bloodlines pure, since they knew how dangerous you would become if everyone shared all of these different and amazing assets brought to your full seeding.

All love kids.

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