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AD - The Phim

posted Jan 28, 2015, 10:24 AM by RhA Liason   [ updated Feb 3, 2015, 11:35 AM ]

(BY Paul Theriault)

Ok heres the phim post ive been threatening to write for a while now.

In order to understand what a phim is, we need to understand what the normal path 

for an evolving being is. 

A being emerges out from godsource, and moves out into the universe or in ks terms, 

external creation. While out in the universe, the being begins to pull in frequency in a 

set order. In keylontic science, this is described as pulling in the energy of dimensions 

1-12, in order, and the assembly of a 12 strand dna pattern. Other systems describe 

this in various other ways, but the basic sentiment remains: a being pulls in all the 

frequency, knowledge and experience available. 

You can imagine this as a being moving away from a central point from which it 


When a being has aquired all the experience it needs ( another whole topic), the being 

makes what is called an "adashi return". It turns back towards that source from which 

it came, and eventually remerges with it, bringing all of its experiences with it, 

enriching source. 

You can imagine this as a being turning back towards the point it came from, as in a 

loop or circle, or in and outbreath of source. 

There is a small portion of the cycle just before adashi return happens where beings 

may cut themselves off from the cycle, and from return to godsource. This small 

portion of the universe just happens to be where we are. Beings who travel from other 

portions of existence to this spot can also fall here ( ie FAtalE, equari, white dragons, 

and equari time lords) 

Eventually a being completes adashi return and remerges with source. Then it has a 

choice. The being can either stay merged with source, redo the process it just 

completed, or move to a place called internal creation, or the DHA-ya-Tei planes ( as 

opposed to extrenal creation where we live) and live as beings there. These beings are 

called phims. 

Phims may choose to return to external creation to assist with various situations 

arising here. Even though all phims are equal in internal creation, in order to avoid 

bringing in too much energy to external creation, and blowing up wherever they live, 

phims will often reduce the energy the hold in themselves while living in external 


Internal creation runs on a structure of 8 metaphorical suns ( ie not literal structures, 

but 8 overall types of energy, or plasmas that they run throughout thier bodies) . 

They have progressively less quantum as they numerically decrease. Sun 8 is most 

powerful, then sun 7, 6 etc. A phim will choose a sun, and thus a type of plasma, and 

then incarnate into external creation and run this plasma. The 8 plasmas are dived up 

into 4 groups, the sun 8 plasmas, the blue/white plasmas (sun 5,6,7), the green 

plasmas (sun 3,4), and the violet plasmas (1,2). 

In external creation ( ie here) plasmas can be reversed, and run in oppositon to thier 

original dynamics ( ie fall). This has been particularily true of the violet plasmas. Not all violet plasmas are fallen, but many of the ones popularily promoted are ( ie the violet ray, violet flame, etc) 

One plasma that cannot fall however is sun 8 plasma. It is only activated in 

emergencies, such as right now. When a being has access to sun 8 plasma, it 

becomes increasingly immune to manipulation and fall. 

One way to pick up sun 8 plasmas is to run the journey below. Even if you arent a 

phim, you will pick up a connection to the sun 8 plasmas, which will help you maintain 

the integrity of your physical and energy bodies in the face of assault with reverse 

violet plasmas. 

Lastly, while in this part of the universe a number of phims have fallen, and using 

thier talents, they were able to dominate and take over the external creation fallen 

beings. Using thier knowledge, they have constructed an artificial galaxy, and false 

deity planes ( the toral rift) and are currently attempting to draw earth and the milky 

way into this false creation. 

These fallen phims are usually called the equari ( or white dragons). One branch of 

the equari specialize in sexual manipulation, they are called the FatalE. A group we 

recently learned about, the worst so far, are the fallen equari time lords, or time 

travellers, called the brhAlindt FAtalE. 

Again, sun 8 plasmas will protect you, not from a choice to join the fallen ( some 

people will want to do that), but from manipulation and forced takeover. 

Take care of yourselves!