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LeMuria, the Lost Eden It was not in God’s original plan for there to be a fall of Spirit onto this material plane. The Earth was to be a garden park that souls could look down upon and admire. Our souls were to remain in the angelic state, which is the natural order. But, when our souls desired to inhabit bodies in this plane, God allowed it. We are born with Freedom of Choice. It is not God’s wish that we follow His laws as slaves.

Now the LORD God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden. Genesis 2:8

The first great civilization in which we lived was the land of LeMuria, the great continent of Mu. This was a land in which we lived in etheric bodies that were androgynous. There was no death, no reproduction and no sleep. Our intuitive state of consciousness was highly developed within a fifth-dimensional frequency. And all communication occurred on the level of the mind.

Over time, the physical body was raised up from the lower primates into the humanoid form. It was into that form which we incarnated and lived in our ‘eden’, eventually co-existing with another great continent called Atlantis.


As the Earth moved through Time and Space, different races travelled from other planets in the galaxy to settle here. They came through the Central Sun.And the world became populated with celestial beings from these other planets.

But, by 16,000 BC the world was moving through a dark age. And new magnetic forces on the Earth began to develop so strongly that all levitation ceased. The magnetic pull was new to us and we didn’t understand it. So we were vulnerable to it and became confused.[ii] Atlantis was projecting from the mind, while LeMuria was projecting from the heart. So one became excessively masculine; the other excessively feminine.

The Lemurians realized that our beautiful Motherland was destined to sink into the ocean and that, in the process, most of us would descend in consciousness. So they built an inner-dimensional city beneath what is now known as Mount Shasta. They constructed their etheric city under a large dome cavern inside the mountain. And it was within that city that the LeMurian culture was preserved. They call it Telos.

We are a billion years Carbon and we have to get back to the Garden. Joni Mitchell


The inner-dimensional, etheric city of Telos is now inhabited by an advanced cycle of LeMurians. They are blue-skinned beings who have obtained full consciousness.

The remains of the sunken continent of Lemuria can be found in and around the Ring of Fire – an area of seismic and volcanic activity surrounding the Pacific Ocean. This includes Mount Shasta, which is now the most powerful sacred site in all of North America.

Mount Shasta is in a very specific harmonic oscillation with the islands of Hawaii and Mount Fuji in the Pacific Ocean, and with the Santorini in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The former holds aspects of Lemuria; the latter of Atlantis. So this mountain is now playing a special multi-dimensional role in the blending and attuning of these two original continents.

Other remains of the Lemurian continent can be found in the Hawaiian Islands, Easter Islands and Fiji Islands, as well Australia, New Zealand and along the west coast of the Americas.[iii] On Easter Island, there exist giant statues of an ancient people who kneel on bended knees as a reminder of this grand continent.

Lemuria was the Motherland that assisted in the birth of all of the other civilizations on the Earth.


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Atlantis and Lemuria (again)
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Oh dear, our Lemuria thread looks like it disappeared after this weekend’s glitch. Anyway, here is something that will freak you out. I don’t know how true this is, but it is certainly an interesting read.

First, study your palm. Now, read this:

From, Lemuria and Atlantis, by Shirley Andrews
p. 43

“The main principle of the Law of One is that we all are related; we are all one. The Children of the Law of One focused on love and practiced prayer and meditation hoping to promote everyone’s spiritual knowledge. They followed the Golden Rule, and also believed that whatever they did to others would happen to them. They honored the Creator from whence they came, who gave them their soul. Many individuals on the Earth today are Lemurians and Atlanteans who have returned to participate in another struggle between the forces of good and evil for control of this planet. Some believe that if the creases of the lines that are visible in the palm of your hand when you close it slightly form the letter “M” you were probably one of the Children of Light. A curved “S” or “C” indicates the Sons of Darkness. However, one’s actions or thoughts in Atlantis or Lemuria are not really important. What is significant is that today we are all here to help make our world a better place. The Children of the Law of One will continue their good work, and the Sons of Darkness will have an opportunity to redeem themselves.”

… of course, when I was a kid I was told that if you have an “M” on your palm, you’ll get married.

Not sure what to make of this but thought I’d throw it out there.

the “M” comprises of three major lines. If you hold your palm sideways on an angle, the “M” vaguely appears.

(same info can be read here http://childrenofthelawofone.org/cotloo/content/what-connection-between-atlantis-and-children-law-one )



my hand:

Left Hand-

Right hand-

now for those with  X in M like me, relates to this  (image is for right hand symetry) below

image below not hosted on this provider/blog/user so take a hike...~ excerpted from i guess Kathara Manual 2



- as Dr Barbara Young explained it,

(short version.) its archived(youtube) freedomslips.com #revolutionradio show of Petar Petrov. off a while back... not sure re: date.

M = civilization Type 1

X  = civilization type 2 -  she calls them “The Eternal Ones”

X Elohei/Elohim

M Seraphei/Seraphim

SS Braharama

So thats intermixing 3 materials (S1/2/3) into 1 same outcome <3


The Lemurian Curse

Transcribed Session with the Sirian Council- 1/27/06

J Seals and the Lemurian Curse

The recent Shift aligning us to the next Harmonic Universe (5D Earth), (creating a hub like energy field) that occurred at the end of December 2005 has created a definitive separation of reality fields at this time and space experience. The Souls choosing to work with the New Energies in the next Harmonic Universe are starting to be pulled away from the illusionary world of the 3 D. This is creating a separation between the souls who are working in the new reality field levels of 5 D and those still working in the 3 D Earth Evolution School. Those of us with agreements to hold these New Energies will experience this separation as quick changes of people and circumstances moving so quickly through our lives that it may feel entirely unnatural. Immediately, what is not a vibrational match will be discarded or ended very abruptly. This may seem alarming and odd as it will at times be illogical to the ego as to why this job, person or supposed opportunity that appeared to look so good was taken away as quickly as the rug underneath your feet. Know this was not a vibrational match or coming with you to the New Energies and this is why it has disappeared from your reality.

Many of us (The Starseeds) that have agreed to hold the New Energy have been in bootcamp to understand the new reality fields and to release all the density, emotional baggage and karma left that is held in our energy fields. This cannot be brought with us and must be cleared.


We then were asked by the Masters to review and work with the Lemurian energies. These original distortions must be cleared as well as we move into the New World.

They take us to a holographic insert tunnel, a Time Vector Vortex where we are able to view a one sided visual of a particular time line reality of Lemuria.

We are shown a scene with a huge valley with a placid lake with a centered focal point of a large Pyramid with a large “eyeball” capstone. (this symbol is on the back of a one dollar bill) This eyeball is felt to see everything as it is “watching”. This pyramid is on the center of the placid azure lake surrounded by cliffs with Huge Crystal Temples. This pyramid symbol is shown that it was the symbolic beginning of the “seal” that represents the enslavement of all humanity.

We are shown that this was also the beginning of the “great deception” and the seed fear implanted in the human species, a seed fear of the “betrayal”. A betrayal from those whom which we love, a betrayal of spirit. Metaphorically this is referred to as the “original sin.”

During Lemurian time, an Alien race, Jehovian-Annunaki Reptiles approached the Councils and for the best interest of the Time Matrix it was agreed upon to a Co-Evolution Agreement with the human angel species. It was agreed to honor the covenants of the Law of One. This race had become parasitic in nature, lost its ability to procreate and evolve outside the time matrix into a cycle of Ascension. They had no or less developed emotional bodies and needed components of the human spiritual anatomy to enable a race acceleration and evolution. This created a serious problem in the balance of the Universal Matrix System and a resolution needed to occur to bring harmony. This agreement was the beginning of the polarity experiment and race integration to necessitate the process of co-evolution of these various life forms. The Earth and her life forms entered into the “experiment”.

Over a time a separate agenda evolved from this Alien race whom joined with other anti-christiac or anti-human Alien races. Alliances were formed and it was agreed these coalitions would form to perpetrate and utilize the newly sleeping human, stripped of its 12 Strand DNA consciousness, as a slave to their self servicing agendas. The Earth body and its stewards of Angelic Human’s had a direct source consciousness, and were an endless energetic supply among other many resources that they found they could benefit from in this Harmonic Universe. It was easy to take advantage and exploit the human as they now were completely cut off from their awareness of multidimensional consciousness and God-source connection.

These human and earth energetic resources could be harvested to create life, sustain life and they could still fulfill their own agendas in service to self without having to conform to the Law of One or enter into any peaceful co-evolution agreements. Many planned to take over the Earth, clear the landscape of the Human Angel and replace it with the Alien Races desiring dominion over this particular dimension and the Earth. This would take time to colonize as they found they needed human genetics in order to live on the surface of the Earth as their Alien Bodies could not sustain healthily on this planet. They also could not operate the various Star Gate portal passages leading to the other dimensions for travel and further opportunities for exploitation. The Human energetic anatomy was directly related to every living thing on the Earth and you had to have the Genetic of the Human in order to make these codes work and to have access to these other reality fields. They were not advanced enough to crack the code and realized they needed the human to stay alive on the Earth surface so they could figure it out.

Over time cycles it was realized there was a great need to create more energy resource to sustain their “phantom matrix”, the lower worlds of which they existed. The Annunaki implanted various seals (These are referred to as J-Seals in the Voyager books by Ashayana Deane) in the planet’s grid and subsequently it created even further reverse mutation genetics for the human. This was designed to digress the humans DNA resulting into a full disconnection from the higher reality fields, limiting their awareness, limiting all their multidimensional abilities. It was meant to destroy the Silicate Matrix Template permanently, stripping the human of their divine inheritance and ability to Ascend and evolve. As well it would further activate these seals during the natural Ascension Cycles to release more energy blockages and disease into the human physical body resulting in much earlier physical deaths. This would help keep the consciousness from evolving and suppress its ability to understand the “Ascension” mechanics.  Over large time cycles these recurring distortions, imbalanced matrices and karma resulted over the cycles of the humans experiencing all new sources and levels of suffering, disconnection and pain. This pain is has been and is continually recorded into the cellular memory of every human and in every cell of the Earth. The cycle kept many fragmented consciousness stuck in cycles of reincarnation into the lower form worlds, as a cycle of food and resource for the Jehovian-Annunaki agendas. It would not be in the interest to have the Human ascending outside the planetary ring pass not, as the human would now have awareness of these agendas and be liberated from their direct manipulation and control.

What are J Seals?

Exerpt From Voyagers II - "The Unnatural Jehovian Seals in the body progressively activate in response to release of the unnatural 7 Planetary Jehovian Seals implanted into Earth Templar by Jehovian Annunaki.  Jehovian Annunaki designed the J-seals to drag Earth and all of its life forms into Phantom Matrix; full activation of the J-seals causes biological death with the astral body consciousness being drawn into Phantom Matrix.  If J-seals are not cleared, progressive deterioration of the body results during Stellar Activation Cycles"

First we were informed that this was not of Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy jurisdiction, such as the Planetary Lords of Karma. These implanted J-seals created distortions that resulted in further mal-alignment within various levels of the planetary hierarchy as well as various mutations in the human species and the planet’s own layers of morphogenetic fields. These J-seals created more fractious souls in the cycles of evolution and other distortions in our divine human energetic template and its merkaba light fields. These distortions prevented the human species ability to embody the DNA resurrection codes or ascension codes to transmute or leave the lower planetary consciousness fields of reality experience.

This issue of the Lemurian Curse and J- Seals was reframed as the jurisdiction at the Intergalactic Levels and the related offshoots of the Galactic Signet Councils working with the particular Templar Mechanics, the certain Guardians of the StarGate Interdimensional portal System. The Templars in charge of the Stargates and Planetary Ley Lines, note that this is an issue of “security violation”, and that if these particular seals are released en masse among the Human Angel population it would create a security issue because too many people are still too asleep to their power and it opens them up to further manipulation and exploitation from the Negative ET’s , Counter evolution forces. Also it would place the Starseed at risk for potential abduction or genetic tampering or stealing. If these seals would be released too quickly the physical bodies may electrically short out because the negative ego behaviors, beliefs, subconscious programs and collective unconscious programs have been ingrained in the human cellular matrix bodies for eons of time, creating mass distortions and density in the light bodies. That is why the Ascension cycle was created as well as the “Initiations” through each dimensional plane of accumulated light accretion, as the soul has to work on proving it’s mastery on the physical plane. Otherwise an undeveloped or asleep soul would become a walking target to the forces of maya and the counter evolution forces. It would be like handing incredible powers of creation and manifestation to a two year old baby and expecting them to handle it safely.

The Masters refer to that there is a specific group that these J Seals could be lifted off of at this time, and that is those that have completed their Planetary Ascension or oversoul integration. The souls/people that have gotten to that evolutionary level have been liberated from rebirth from the Karmic Wheel, ( the earth frequency fence) and are able to handle the responsibility, as well as have accreted enough light-codes into their subtle energy body systems so they can absorb the new influx of spiritual current resulting from the release of these J-seals. A minimum light accretion at subatomic levels of 85% has to be balanced in the Light Bodies for this to occur, as this merges the light body with the seventh plane of the planetary energy field, the beginning of oversoul integration. This is the Science of the Ascension, as it is a literal light accretion process demonstrated through self mastery of the chakras and resulting acts of compassion, love and forgiveness and Service to Others. The more you devote to Service to Others with true heart felt intention and compassion , the quicker you will ascend. The quicker you will gain the attention of the Ascended Masters who will greatly cultivate and activate your spiritual evolution process. The Masters do not waste energy and will match your intention to evolve with any heartfelt inquiry.

They also said at individual soul level it is a case by case basis and that anyone can petition the Masters for assistance and release and it will be considered.

The J seal at time of inception, created karmic distortion patterns in the layers of the planetary bodies, this as part of the Lemurian Curse was the source causation of the new patterns that wove karmic distortions, patterns of imperfection to be held in the memory of the planet ley lines. At this time humans are getting axiatonally reconnected, to reflect that as a Lemurian we had full 12 strand DNA connection, full 12th Dimensional awareness. At this time human destiny through the Ascension Cycle is to be reconnected to our original divine blueprint as we were as incarnated Lemurians. We are allowed to clear residue, remnants and remains of the effects of karmic sludge created at the starting point of the acceptance of the Seals, as this was the proverbial fall of the human angel into the world of karma in the lower form density worlds. We see these as crust, sledge and tarry goo on the planet’s matrix. We focus there with the teams to clear it through each level and layer of the solar planes, through the central point of all union and accept it as done.

At the time we cleared this, we felt codes adjusting in the blood chemistry, and we saw a relationship of this karmic residue imprinted in the human blood stream. We both felt a deep nausea and discomfort in the solar plexus as this occurred.

We get taken to the Crystal Core and caverns of the Earth to a vault with specific security codes. We are granted an access to enter this area. It is explained that the J seal over eons of time in some soul energy fields has created reverse mutated DNA, an inability to hold the full 12 Strand DNA potential, referred to as the Silicate Matrix or the “gene of transformation”.  A paradox results from this as the reverse mutated DNA creates suppression in the individual soul consciousness, EVEN when the soul had completed its planetary ascension. So the soul was still being withheld certain reconnections, activations and Source blending because the DNA was damaged not allowing to fire its sequence letters and activate the DNA as the biology was originally designed and created to do. We are informed that some planetary Ascended Souls will need to traverse this chamber to receive an morphogenetic field imprint, a host matrix implant, in which it can, upon its Ascension and removal of J seals, rebuild its energy template to the Silicate Matrix Imprint. For security measures in order for this to occur the soul will be directly and personally escorted by a Guardian approved by the Guardian Alliance. This will at this time, be on a soul by soul basis.

This then will allow the natural progression of evolution to occur as per the instructions of the original 12 D divine blueprint. It allows the energy template bodies to receive the higher frequencies, therefore increasing light accretion and activating the appropriate DNA when the Stellar Activation Cycles are introduced to the planetary energy fields for this very purpose. It will also create the gradual new immune body, strengthening the physical body to immunity to many incoming virus and disease.

Once entering the vault we are taken to a chamber that runs cylindrical energies top to bottom, back and forth imprinting new codes into the energetic field system. Ripples of energy run up through the spinal column, sacrum, tailbone, the exo-skeletal system. We see the pituitary growing and expanding with simultaneous cranial and crown chakra adjustments. We feel our cranium expanding from this.

Lemurian Curse

The Council then appears and begins to work in our Solar Plexus in removing strings of goo, tentacle like debris and start a rewiring process. We feel nauseated and stomach churning as this happens. After a few minutes, at this time an embryo is removed deeply from the solar plexus. We are informed that this is a part of the cross breeding, hybridization program, they had referred to as the Lemurian Curse. Some humans are tagged and working as breeders in this alien reptilian hybridization program. These hybrids are being animated into life disconnected from Spirit, disconnected from love, as they are using the primal root human energies,( ie lust, fear, addiction etc.) that are harvested to create this new reptilian alien “ baby”  life form. This is how they procreate their race to be hybridized with the human.

We are informed that we need to raise the consciousness of those that come to us to accept the spiritual maturity in facing this fact, so that this breeding program and it’s tagging and can be fully removed from our human energy fields. This will also create DNA conversion and reinstate the human cellular nature to its original divine intention templates. This process of clearing and rewiring in the solar plexus continues through out the evening.

We close the Session in deep love and gratitude.

Whatever is shown to me are issues that are for all of us and are a part of the human evolution towards the Light. I share this with the hope it will prepare you and assist your understanding in the current planetary dynamics of Ascension. For more information in detail I highly suggest the Voyagers book Material Series by Ashayana Deane and the Azurite Press website at http://www.azurtitepress.com and http://www.katharahealing.com.

To my Family,

Love Lisa

Begin to work with Techniques:

Step 1- 12 D or Maharic Seal – Work with the Eckasha Code Symbol and the induction of 12D current.

Step 2 - Episilon Sequence- Disengage Manipulation technique

Step 3 – Use the Universal Harmonics Code or “ High Veca – Tri Veca coding Wave throughout your body.

Read information and study Kathara Healing which explains multidimensional anatomy and how to clear miasm and these seals.

Start to go through the Newcomer Process of techniques located at the Azurite press website. Which explains in detail the above information.

Further reference:  http://www.azuritepress.com or http://www.katharahealing.com

© 2006, Lisa Renee


Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous “kundalini” event several years ago that catalyzed an “awakening” to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Guided by a Spiritual Hierarchy, Lisa was trained and downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension and its dynamics upon the layers of energy fields. This understanding of Spirit Technologies was experienced by her own personal conscious evolution and began her transition into a Spiritual Guide and Multidimensional Energetic Healer during this Planet’s Ascension Cycle. She is a Galactic Emissary for the Guardians and a spokesperson for the shift of humanity to “Ascension”. Along with the Guardians, her mission is to support humanity through its evolution with education, awareness and by discussing the impacts of the energy shifts upon the planet, human beings and human consciousness. She is an Intuitive, Spiritual mentor, Writer, Quantum Therapist and Etheric surgeon. She lives and has a practice in Santa Monica and Encinitas, California. You may contact her at lisa@energeticsynthesis.com.    

Lemurian curse removals/Jehovian-Seals(7)




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CAROLINE E. KENNEDY______________________________

September 8, 2006


Today I found my Lost GARDEN OF EDEN................





There are many theories about a land called Lemuria, Pacifica, or Mu. Most of what is written about Lemuria is metaphoric - linking to the patterns of creation and sacred geometry. It is about spiraling consciousness that moves from higher frequencies of thought - a higher harmonic - to slower - lower frequencies as we experiencing many places at the same time.

As with Atlantis - one has to wonder if Lemuria ever existed in the physical realm - or is it just a metaphor - to remind us that out souls are experiencing multidimensionally - some of which we believe are other planet experiences.

As is Above, so is Below - ALL being polarity of experience. As we have the Atlantis in the Atlantic region - we must have its Pacific counterpart - Pacifica. All realities are created based on the digits of sacred geometry - the blueprint of all we experience.

As an opinion - Lemuria is a grid program that exists parallel to our own. Those who feel linked to it - are more-than-likely experiencing in both realities simultaneously.

In truth - Lemuria - from our perspective in third dimension - is theoretical and will not merge with us - until a point at which we expand our consciousness to fully understand all of our multi-dimensional experiences. We are moving to that end now. Stone markers are found in our reality - to remind of of ancient and lost civilizations - in which we coexist. In the end - we awakening to our true nature. The hermetic seals of consciousness, so to speak, are opened with a bang - the 'end time scenario' of an explosive ending. We instantly spiral consciousness back to greater understanding of all.

Many see this as the movement into a Golden Age - the gold being a metaphor for Alchemy of consciousness into awareness - the blue and the gold - the blueprint and the alchemy. When we see ourselves back as the Lemurians - we are seeing ourselves in higher frequency. One must not forget that time is an illusion that brings depth to physical experience. All happens at the same time.

1.- James Churchward

Symbolic drawing made in 1931 by Mayan glyph researcher, James Churchward, depicting a cataclysm of earthquakes and volcanoes that allegedly sank the continent of Mu in the Pacific Ocean.

Churchward's map showing how he thought Mu refugees spread out after the cataclysm through South America, along the shores of Atlantis and into Africa.

James Churchward, in books such as The Lost Continent of Mu (1931), wrote that the Motherland stretched from the Hawaiian Islands to Fiji and from Easter Island to the Marianas. Churchward considered the Nan Modal site on Pohnpei Island one of the seven sacred cities of Mu. Today its ruins sit on a swampy lagoon filled with mangrove trees. Rising about 30 feet in height, black volcanic stones weighing many tons are stacked crisscross like a child's frontier fort. It's one of the more enigmatic sites in the entire Pacific, yet archaeologists cannot explain how it got there.

Indeed, stone monuments of mysterious origin dot the entire Pacific, from Japan's spectacular underwater site at Yonaguni to cryptic Petroglyphs on Hawaii's Big Island. Menehune Ditch on Kauai is built from dressed and fitted stone slabs like something ancient Romans would have erected, very different from typical Polynesian style. And of course there is Easter Island, centerpiece of many Lemuria theories. Its hundreds of colossal stone statues and written language point to an advanced culture, yet it appeared on the world's most remote spot. Why?

The legends of Easter Island speak of Hiva, which sank beneath the waves as people fled, while Samoans called a similar place Bolutu. It was stocked with trees and plants bearing fruits and flowers, which were immediately replaced when picked. On Bolutu men could walk through trees, houses, and other physical objects without any resistance. The Maoris of New Zealand still talk about arriving long ago from a sinking island called Hawaiki, a vast and mountainous place on the other side of the water.

There's yet another puzzling piece of evidence. A map of the lost continent published by the Lemurian Fellowship corresponds almost exactly to boundaries of the Pacific Plate. But the map first appeared long before geologists even knew of the plate's existence. Their detailed map places the capital just north of present day Maui, near the center of a vast continent stretching from Australia to the Rocky Mountains!

2.- Tony Earll

In the 1970s Tony Earll's Mu Revealed (one of countless books written about the sunken civilizations Atlantis, Mu and Lemuria) claimed to be "an astonishing account of the archaeological discovery that proves the existence of Mu". From the cover:

"When the Hurdlop expedition began excavating, it was with the hope of proving or disproving James Churchward's startling theories about Mu, the ancient lost continent of the Pacific...What they found was beyond their wildest expectation -- the diary of Kland, a young priest who had emigrated from Mu before its destruction! Painstakingly restored and translated, the diary scrolls provide breathtaking glimpses into the everyday life of Mu at the height of its splendid, doomed culture."

3.- David Childress

According to David Childress various esoteric sources, the first civilization arose 78,000 years ago on the giant continent known as Mu or Lemuria and lasted for an astonishing 52,000 years. It is sometimes said to have been destroyed in earthquakes generated by a pole shift which occurred some 26,000 years ago, or at approximately 24,000 B.C.

While Mu did not reach as high a technology, supposedly, as other later civilizations, it is, nevertheless, said to have attained some advanced technology, particularly in the building of long-lasting megalithic buildings that were able to withstand earthquakes. However, it was the science of government that is sometimes said to have been Mu's greatest achievement.

Supposedly, there was one language and one government. Education was the keynote of the Empire's success, and because every citizen was versed in the laws of the universe and was given thorough training in a profession or trade, magnificent prosperity resulted. A child's education was compulsory to the age of 21 in order for him to be eligible to attend citizenship school. This training period lasted for seven years; so the earliest age at which a person could become a citizen of the empire was 28. Earthquake-resistant walls were important all around the Ring-of-Fire, in ancient Mu.

It is claimed that the Elders of Lemuria, known as the Thirteenth School, moved their headquarters prior to the cataclysm to the uninhabited plateau of Central Asia that we now call Tibet. Here they supposedly established a library and school known as 'The Great White Brotherhood'.

4.- Helena Petrovna Blavatzky

In her book The Secret Doctrine (1888), Madame Blavatsky claimed to have learned of Lemuria in The Book of Dzyan - which she said was composed in Atlantis and shown to her by the Mahatmas. However, in her writings she gave Philip Schlater the honor of inventing the name, Lemuria.

Blavatsky located her Lemuria in the Indian Ocean about 150 million years ago. She may have obtained her ideas of a sunken land in the Indian Ocean from Sanskrit legends of the former continent of Rutas that sank beneath the sea. But the name Rutas sounds too spiritless and uninspiring to have held such a prominent place in cosmic history.

Blavatsky placed her "Third Continent of the Third Root Race" in the Indian Ocean between Madagascar and Malaysia. Surprisingly, many scientists of her day concurred and even came up with the name, derived from 'lemur', the ghostlike primates who supposedly lived there. Blavatsky described the Lemurians as "the third root race" to inhabit the Earth. They were egg-laying beings with a third eye that gave them psychic powers and allowed them to function without a brain. Originally they were bisexual - their downfall came about after they discovered sex.

[These are metaphors for male and female - polarities and moving from beings of light who have no sexual orientation as they do not exist in the electromagnetic energies of a physical body.]

5.- The Rig Veda

The myths and traditions of India abound with references. The Rig Veda in particular speaks of "the three continents that were"; the third was home to a race called the Danavas. A land called Rutas was an immense continent far to the east of India and home to a race of sun-worshippers. But Rutas was torn asunder by a volcanic upheaval and sent to the ocean depths. Fragments remained as Indonesia and the Pacific islands, and a few survivors reached India, where they became the elite Brahman caste.

6.- Rudolf Steiner

The Austrian mystic Rudolf Steiner claimed that during the sixth and seventh subraces (of the Third Root Race) colonies were established as far away as Easter Island. The continent girdled much of the Pacific near the Equator, and thousands of island peaks remain to mark its former glory.

7.- Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce made a distinction between Mu, which floated off the coast of Baja California, and Lemuria, whose location is confusing to say the least. According to Cayce: "The Andean, or the Pacific coast of South America, occupied then the extreme western portion of Lemuria." Either he meant eastern, or Earth's land masses have changed a lot, perhaps due to a pole shift or crustal slippage. The channeled entity Seth spoke of a civilization called Lumania on the island of Maskara, whose mountain peaks today form Indonesia.

Both Blavatsky and Ruth Montgomery (The World Before) dated Lemuria to millions of years ago. Yet most sources define the Lemurian era as roughly 75,000 to 20,000 B.C., still prior to Atlantis. Some scholars believe the two civilizations co-existed for thousands of years.

A handful of radical geologists (called Catastrophists) believe a continent called Pacifica existed within the last 100,000 years, and that its fairly rapid submersion caused mountains on the perimeter to rise and created hundreds of volcanoes called the Ring of Fire. Sea levels worldwide were disrupted as water rushed in to fill an enormous basin created by the sinking and caused oceans to drop hundreds of feet.

Lemuria's appearance with a full-blown culture has spawned many interesting theories, including visits from extraterrestrials who introduced a new species of genetically engineered humans to replace their dim-witted ancestors. (This might explain the reference in Genesis to the 'sons of gods' mating with the 'daughters of men.') In any case there is no question humanity made a kind of great leap around 40,000 B.C. with advances in transportation, technology, art, and language. In Europe the Cro-Magnons, in the Pacific Lemurians.

What was Lemuria like?
Was it home to a gentle race of mystics and dreamers or an advanced society whose technology helped bring it down? According to Theosophy, Lemurians had pliable, jelly-like bodies and slowly developed physicality. The first Lemurian subraces were apelike, egg-laying hermaphrodites who communicated by mental telepathy through a 'third eye.' This atrophied after Lemuria's fall and became the pineal gland still found in modern humans. These androgynous beings lived in perpetual torpor like the Lemurian Dreamers that the channeled entity Lazaris speaks about.

Finally, the ever-increasing density of matter helped usher in an era of sexual reproduction, and two distinct sexes emerged from one being. This marked the fall of man, and henceforth male and female would strive to reunite as one body through sexual intercourse.

Yet most sources claim Lemurians were much more like modern humans, living in an idyllic paradise, largely agrarian with lush forests and an abundance of flowers and fruit trees. Feminine principles of sharing, cooperation, and creativity produced a society virtually free of crime, strife, and warfare. Lemurians were vegetarians and lived in harmony with nature and other creatures, and they had a highly developed psychic and telepathic senses, which were applied in practical endeavors such as horticulture. People believed in 'mind over matter' and were adept at manifestation and other 'reality creating' techniques. This tradition survives, some claim, in the Polynesian concept of mana and various fire-walking ceremonies throughout the region.

Even traditional anthropologists are puzzled by a pre-Polynesian culture that stretched across most of the Pacific. Widely separated locales displayed astonishing similarities in village life, religious cults, myths, and foods such as coconuts, bananas, and taro. Over time each area, such as Polynesia, grew more diverse and distinctive and eventually lost contact with the other. The languages of this culture were thought to be Austronesian., which includes hundreds of related tongues still found today from Polynesia to distant Madagascar.

What happened to Lemuria?

Can an entire continent sink or vanish? That's something most geologists say is impossible. Yet the event is widely supported by Pacific area mythology from Australia to Arizona. From Hopi legend:

'Down on the bottom of the seas lie all the proud cities, the flying patuwvotas, and the worldly treasures corrupted with evil..."

Faced with disaster, some people hid inside the earth while others escaped by crossing the ocean on reed rafts, using the islands as stepping-stones. The same story of escape to dry land appears in the Popul Vu epic of the Quiche Maya and the Modoc tribe near Mt. Shasta among many others.



MU 1



CAROLINE E. KENNEDY________________________

FEB 9, 2007


The rise and fall of the Lemurian civilization cannot be accurately documented, though many have gone in quest of this mythological continent. Lost civilizations have been known to rise and fall - or just appear and disappear without explanation. As with Atlantis one can only speculate as to what happened, based on archaeological evidence, legends, theories pieced together by researchers, and for some, metaphysical channelings.

The exact location of Lemuria varies with different researchers and authors, though it is part of the mysteries of the Pacific region flowing into the American continent, just as Atlantis is linked to the Atlantic land areas that stretch to the Mediterrean Sea. Wherever you believe the location of Lemuria to be, it is linked with the Ring of Fire. This area has become active with a Tsunami in December 26, 2004, powerful earthquakes and volcanoes that continue, after being dormant for many years. It would seem that the legends of ancient Lemuria speak to us once again with warning signs - as they supposedly did to the Lemurians - before the continent - or group of islands - fell into the sea.

The fate of Lemuria, also known as Pacifica, Mu, and what Cayce called Zu or Oz, is not unlike that proposed for Atlantis. It is much like the destiny of humanity foreseen in our timeline by prophets of old and modern-day clairvoyants. The legends are all the same ... a thriving, advanced culture that suddenly manifested out of nowhere. Their origins and downfall are linked to destruction when their continent sank beneath the 'sea' due to natural cataclyms and human imbalance.

Possible Physical Evidence of Lemuria

Stone monuments of mysterious origin dot the entire Pacific, from Japan's underwater site at Yonaguni, to cryptic Petroglyphs on Hawaii's Big Island, to Easter Island among sacred and megalithic sites.

Many believe that Easter Island was part of Lemuria. Its hundreds of colossal stone statues and written language point to an advanced culture, yet it appeared on the world's most remote spot. The legends of Easter Island speak of Hiva which sank beneath the waves as people fled.

Samoans called a similar place Bolutu. It was stocked with trees and plants bearing fruits and flowers, which were immediately replaced when picked. On Bolutu men could walk through trees, houses, and other physical objects without any resistance.

The Maoris of New Zealand still talk about arriving long ago from a sinking island called Hawaiki a vast and mountainous place on the other side of the water.

Does the discovery of the Hobbit of Flores - in October 2004 - two months before the tsunami and earthquakes - in any way link to Lemuria?

There are various dates for the Lemurian timeline - some placing it millions of years ago - while others define the Lemurian era as roughly 75,000 to 20,000 B.C. - prior to Atlantis. Others speculate that Atlantis and Lemuria co-existed for thousands of years.

The idea of the Lemurian continent first appeared in the works of Augustus Le Plongeon, (1826-1908) a 19th century researcher and writer who conducted investigations of the Maya ruins in the Yucatan. He announced that he had translated ancient Mayan writings, which allegedly showed that the Maya of Yucatan were older than the later civilizations of Atlantis and Egypt, and additionally told the story of an even older continent of Mu, whose survivors founded the Maya civilization. Later students of the Ancient Maya writings argue that Le Plongeon's "translations" were based on little more than his vivid imagination.

Metaphysics and Metaphors

Reality is Myth and Metaphor - Magic and Mirrors - stories created in 'time' for the experiencer - projected through the eye or lens of the camera into the matrix to be perceived consciously as if virtual reality. ALL is projected illusion in the Alchemy of Time and Consciousness - ALL are parallel running programs through which we consciously experience simultaneously.

Programs have inserts. If a civilization is an insert in a grid program - that could explain why fully evolved civilizations suddenly spring up out of nowhere - the 'sea of creation' - the flow of the collective unconsciousnes - or the consciousness grid that creates realities. If time is an illusion - all programs are running simultaneously. Therefore you are experiencing many civilizations at the same time. This often explains the feeling of Deja vu - or why some souls are drawn to live in a specific region and feel at home there.

Sumer is an example of a programmed insert that sprang out of nowhere as an advanced civilization - then disappeared.

There are those who believe that Lemuria suddenly appeared with a full-blown culture. This has spawned many interesting theories, including visits from extraterrestrials who introduced a new species of genetically engineered humans to replace their slow-witted ancestors. This too links with other creational theories about humans being seeded by gods or aliens.

Most of what is written is a metaphor - linking to the patterns of creation - sacred geometry. It is about spiraling consciousness that moves from higher frequencies of thought - a higher harmonic - to slower - lower frequencies as we experiencing many places at the same time. All realities are created based on the numeric blueprint of sacred geometry - consciousness - the Golden Mean - Phi Ratio.


Let's examine the metaphors in the theories below ....

Channelers speak of Lemurians as originally coming from higher frequency - then descending into third dimension for a physical experience. TThis parallels our human experience through the spiraling patterns of consciousness and a feeling of change that is taking hold with human conscousness at this time. We were originally higher frequency beings in spirit form who have descended into physical beings to experience linear time and emotion.

Planet Earth is the third planet from the sun. It is physical - Reality experienced in third dimension - 3D. Some researchers consider the Lemurians the 'third root race'. They believe that we are the fourth root race - 4=4th dimension=time] soon to become the 'fifth root race' as we move into a Golden Age.

The descended Lemurians allegedly remained here for thousands of years - which seems odd - as they did not mark time in years as we do. All of the timelines would be wrong.

Their continent sank into the sea killing the physical souls. This is a metaphor for the souls returning to the sea of consciousness - the Lemurian grid program insert - and seeking new experiences in new forms of light or physical embodiment.

Many see the end of a program - and the evolution of consciousness as the movement into a Golden Age - gold being a metaphor for Alchemy of Consciousness into awareness - the blue [electricity - the blueprint of our reality] and the gold [metal - magnetics.]

Lemuria sank into the sea - ocean = flow of the collective unconsciousnes - which are the grids that comprise our realities on many levels. To 'sink into the sea' is to move one's consciousness from one reality to another. Power movement of water - tsunami of consciousness - the creational flood stories - amphibious gods from the sea - consciousness frozen in time or an 'Ice Age' between programs. Then we have the - meltdown of the polar icecaps. Electromagnetic energy - poles - polarity - bi-polar experiences - pole shifts on the planet and in conscousness - at Zero Point.

The volcanoes erupted. Volcanoes have cones.
This is a metaphor for cones/tones of creation ...
erupting to end one program and create another.
12 around 1 to create grids programs in which your soul experiences.
Duality Atlantis and Lemuria - inserts created by electromagnetic energy grids - duality of experience. Does one continent represent the feminine energies and the other the masculine?

Mythology and Metaphysics
Return to the Goddess / Priestess / Feminine / higher frequency energies - Lemuria is often called Mu which sounds a lot like 'Moo' which takes us to 'cow goddesses' - in particular Hathor an ancient Egyptian creational force. In Gaul we find Damona, Goddess of fertility and healing. Her name means "divine cow". Cow Goddesses were linked to fertility and abundance. In the Celtic realms we find the Goddess of the river, Boyne which means 'Mistress of the white cows'. Boann is a Goddess of bounty and fertility whose totem is the sacred white cow.

Lemurian Pyramids

As with most ancient and lost civilizations - Lemurians would build pyramids or ziggurats - step pyramids - linking them to their gods who live above [on higher frequency]. These would be places of worship and sacrifice, or landing areas for spaceships. Pyramidal structures symbolize spiraling consciousness and ascension to the place of the gods and goddesses who reside 'above' our reality in a higher plane of existence. Is there a link for the Lemurian and the Mayan pyramids?

Some speculate that the Lemurians were at some point telepathically linked to the Dolphins.
Their tones were called "Dolphin Codes."

Lemurian Seed Crystals
Another theory is based on the notion of 'seed crystals' in which the knowledge and story of Lemuria was encoded and stored in seed crystals just before Lemuria fell. Later - in our timeline - the crystals would be discovered and their messages revealed helping those who find them reember their fated destiny and how it parallels our experience. Are these crystals linked to the Mayan or other Crystal Skulls?

In conclusion - I believe that the story of Lemuria - and other lost and ancient civilizations - and religious ideologies are part of humanity's quest to remember that we are not physical beings searching for our spiritual selves - in as much as we are soul sparks of light having a physical experience - which is about the end / evolve back into higher frequencies of consciousness and total understanding of the nature of reality.


Theories About Lemuria

James Churchward

Symbolic drawing made in 1931 by Mayan glyph researcher,
James Churchward,
depicting a cataclysm of earthquakes and volcanoes that
allegedly sank the continent of Mu in the Pacific Ocean.

Churchward's map showing how he thought Mu refugees spread out after the
cataclysm through South America, along the shores of Atlantis and into Africa.

Anglo-American explorer, James Churchward was a close friend of Auguste and Alice Le Plongeon. James Churchward, in books such as The Lost Continent of Mu (1931), wrote that the Motherland stretched from the Hawaiian Islands to Fiji and from Easter Island to the Marianas.

Churchward wanted an ancient civilization of his own, and using Le Plongeon's doubtful methodology set about 'discovering' one. His findings were set down in the five main volumes of the Mu series published in from 1926 - 1931. The basic premise was by studying various ancient texts Churchward had discovered the existence of a long lost continent with an advanced civilization that approximately 60,000 years earlier had sunk below the Pacific Ocean after a cataclysmic earthquake. Sixty-four million people allegedly died. The Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Islands are the remaining mountain peaks of the lost continent.

Volume #1 - The Lost Continent of Mu set out Churchward's theory utilizing a "vast knowledge of science, ancient art and history, mythology and the occult" to recreate the splendor and doom of this hidden antediluvian world. Lemuria or Mu was about 5,000 miles long and 3,000 miles wide. The Garden of Eden was not in Asia but on a now sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean. The Biblical story of Creation came first not from the peoples of the Nile or the Euphrates Valley but from this now-submerged continent, Mu - the Motherland of Man.

Volume #2 - The Children of Mu is the story of the pioneers of Mu. Sixty-three million people lived on the now lost continent of Mu over 200,000 years ago. The children of Mu became the most influential people on Earth. Mu had an incredibly sophisticated government, flowering culture and scientific technology. Much of the Lemurian civilization lived in homes with transparent roofs. They built shelters, made clothing, food, and their own tools. They were free from stress and disease, living in peace for hundreds of years. Their psychic abilities were highly developed - telepathy, astral travel and teleportation making traditional communication devices unnecessary. They were primarily a vegetarian, agricultural, outdoor, organic culture that worked in harmony with nature and the land.

Volume #3 - The Sacred Symbols of Mu, this volume talks about the occult origins of ancient and modern religions. All religions have a common origin in the Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu. The Lord's Prayer is to be found in The Sacred Inspired Writings of Mu. Evidence of the Mu religion dates back 170,000 years. These teachings were taught by Osiris, Moses, and Jesus. Moses condensed the forty-two questions of the Osirian religion into the Ten Commandments. Jesus condensed the text to suit the language of his day. The Last Words of Jesus on the cross were in the language of Mu, 'unknown in Palestine'.

Volume #4 - The Cosmic Forces of Mu - Biological evolution is a myth, There is no such thing as atomic force. All disease can be conquered by using appropriately colored light rays. The Earth's temperatures and seasons have become inalterably fixed in their present state and that the Earth cannot be hurled off into space or drawn into the sun.

Volume is #5 - Second Book of the Cosmic Forces of Mu - Churchward continues to draw conclusions from the ancient documents and lore of Mu to present some startling revisionist theories about the age of the Earth, the nature of mountains and volcanic processes, the Ice Age and Flood.


The Ica Stones of Peru

These stone tablets allegedly show detailed maps of the lost continent of Lemuria.


The myths and traditions of India abound with references. The Rig Veda speaks of "the three continents that were"; the third was home to a race called the Danavas. A land called Rutas was an immense continent far to the east of India and home to a race of sun-worshippers. But Rutas was torn asunder by a volcanic upheaval and sent to the ocean depths.



MU 2

CAROLINE E. KENNEDY__________________________

NOVEMBER 11, 2006

Lemuria (continent)

Lemuria is the name of a hypothetical "lost land" variously located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its 19th century origins lie in attempts to account for discontinuities in biogeography. Lemuria has been rendered superfluous by modern understanding of plate tectonics.

Though Lemuria has passed out of the realm of science, it has been adopted by occult writers, as well as some Tamil people of India. Accounts of Lemuria differ according to the requirements of their contexts. However, all share a common belief that the continent existed in ancient times but sank beneath the ocean as a result of geological change, often cataclysmic.

Geologists today regard sunken continents as physical impossibilities, given the isostatic equilibrium of continental plates floating on the thermoplastic mantle.[citation needed]

Contents [hide]
1 Scientific origins
2 Madame Blavatsky's Lemuria
3 Lemuria and Mount Shasta
4 The Madrid Codex
5 Kumari Kandam and Lemuria
6 Lemuria's reptilian beings
7 Modern Fiction
8 References
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[edit] Scientific origins
Though living modern lemurs are only found in Madagascar and several surrounding islands, the biogeography of extinct lemurs extending from Pakistan to Malaya inspired the name Lemuria, which was coined in 1864 by the geologist Philip Sclater in an article "The Mammals of Madagascar" in The Quarterly Journal of Science. Puzzled by the presence of fossil lemurs in both Madagascar and India, but not in Africa nor the Middle East, Sclater proposed that Madagascar and India had once been part of a larger continent, which he named Lemuria for its lemurs.

Sclater's theory was hardly unusual for his time. The acceptance of Darwinism led scientists to seek to trace the diffusion of species from their points of evolutionary origin; prior to the acceptance of continental drift, scientists frequently postulated submerged land masses in order to account for populations of land-based species now separated by barriers of water. Many hypothetical submerged land bridges and continents were proposed during the 19th century, in order to account for the present distribution of species.

As Lemuria gained some acceptance within the scientific community, it began to appear in the works of other scholars. Ernst Haeckel, a German Darwinian taxonomist, proposed Lemuria as an explanation for the absence of "missing link" fossil records. Locating the origins of the human species on this lost continent, he claimed the fossil record could not be found because it had sunk beneath the sea.

Other scientists hypothesized that Lemuria had extended across parts of the Pacific oceans, explaining distributions of species across Asia and the Americas.

The Lemuria theory disappeared completely from practical consideration, after the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift were accepted by the larger scientific community.

[edit] Madame Blavatsky's Lemuria
Lemuria entered the lexicon of the Occult through the works of Madame Blavatsky, who claimed in the 1880s to have been shown an ancient, pre-Atlantean Book of Dzyan by the Mahatmas. Within Blavatsky's complex cosmology, Lemuria was occupied by a "Third Root Race," which was sexually hermaphroditical, mentally undeveloped and spiritually more pure than the current "Fifth Root Race."

After the subsequent creation of mammals, Mme Blavatsky revealed to her readers, some Lemurians turned to bestiality. The gods, aghast at the behavior of these "mindless" men, sank Lemuria into the ocean and created a "Fourth Root Race"—endowed with intellect—on Atlantis.

[edit] Lemuria and Mount Shasta
In 1894, Frederick Spencer Oliver published A Dweller on Two Planets, which claimed that survivors from a sunken continent called Lemuria were living in or on Mount Shasta in northern California. The Lemurians lived in a complex of tunnels beneath the mountain and occasionally were seen walking the surface dressed in white robes.

This belief has been repeated by such individuals as the cultist Guy Warren Ballard in the 1930s who formed the I AM Foundation. It is also repeated by followers of the Ascended Masters and the Great White Brotherhood. This list includes such organizations as Bridge to Freedom, Summit Lighthouse, Church Universal and Triumphant, Temple of the Presence, and Hearts Center.

[edit] The Madrid Codex
In a section of the late Mayan period Madrid Codex that is sometimes called the Troano Codex, fanciful archaeologists in the days before Mayan glyphs had been translated thought they were able to interpret illustrations as "records" of a continent in the Pacific, destroyed by volcanic activity. Supposedly, a similar legend has been translated from unspecified "Sanskrit tablets" that describe a continent called Rutas.

[edit] Kumari Kandam and Lemuria
Kumari Kandam is a mythical sunken kingdom sometimes compared with Lemuria. According to a modern interpretation of Tamil tradition—the epics Cilappatikaram and Manimekalai that describe the submerged city of Puhar—the Dravidians originally came from this submerged island off the coast of southern India.

[edit] Lemuria's reptilian beings
In reptilian conspiracy literature, a sunken Pacific continent (usually styled as Lemuria or Mu) is sometimes posited as the homeland of a reptilian race of creatures, often identified with dragons or nagas. Various bits of mythology and folklore are assembled in support, such as the Cambodian naga traditions. Folkloric claims of Australian aborigines sighting "dinosaur-like" creatures are also often viewed as evidence.

The earliest attestation of such notions in modern literature seems to have occurred in the works of H.P. Blavatsky, notably in The Secret Doctrine (1888), where she writes of "Dragon-men" who once had a mighty civilization on a Lemurian continent, until their rampant use of black magic brought about the end of their civilization, and their continent sank. Blavatsky in turn claims to have gotten this information from The Book of Dzyan. However, many consider that Blavatsky invented the Book herself. Blavatsky believed that the terms "Dragon-men" or "Serpent-men" used to describe the Lemurian beings in the Book of Dzyan were symbolic, intended to symbolize their advanced knowledge and magical powers.

Another early occurrence of the idea seems to be in the Alley Oop (1932) comic-strip, where lands named Moo and Lem (adapted from Mu and Lemuria respectively) are presented as dinosaur-infested lands. Lemuria also appears in the game "Golden Sun: The Lost Age".

[edit] Modern Fiction
The story and culture of Lemuria is dramatized on the Japanese tokusatsu children's show Gougou Sentai Boukenger which will be adapted into Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive. In the Japanese version, the Yellow Ranger, Natsuki, discovers she is a Lemurian. The Lemurian culture is said to control a great dragon beast controlled by a powerful magical sword. Lemurians appear to be wearing head crests and white robes mentioned in Occult fiction.

[edit] References
Ramaswamy, Sumathi (2004). The Lost Land of Lemuria: Fabulous Geographies, Catastrophic Histories. University of California Press. ISBN 0-520-24032-4.
Frederick Spencer Oliver, A Dweller on Two Planets, 1905

[edit] See also
Augustus Le Plongeon
James Churchward
Lost city
Phantom islands
Mu (lost continent)
A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria

[edit] External links
The Stanzas of Dzyan, by H.P. Blavatsky
Manufactured folklore: Shasta Lemuria.
An Atlantis in the Indian Ocean

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. . .and the False Prophet and 10 kings downsized to 7 and. . .







"Everything begins with Virgo bringing forth the son of God. In Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius we see the first advent of Christ, His death, burial and resurrection, His battle against Satan." - J.R. Church (1053)


"We are again reminded of the protevangelium*, that 'the seed of the woman would destroy the seed of the serpent,' and of the great text in Isaiah 7:14: 'Behold! A virgin shall conceive, and bear a son.' That is, of course, a picture of Mary, the virgin mother of Christ... The second thing we note about the sign of Virgo is the emphasis upon her fertility** (her motherhood), because she holds in her right hand a branch and in her left hand some sheaves of corn, or seeds of wheat. There are various interpretations given concerning that.*** As Christians we can easily see here a reference to the seed of the woman (that is, the virgin) who will conceive and bring forth a child (Isaiah 7:14)." — D. James Kennedy, The Real Meaning of the Zodiac (872:20)


*Protevangelium of James: A gnostic apocryphal gospel exalting Mary's perpetual virginity.

  Much of the dogma responsible for the veneration of Mary can be traced to this document.

** The Egyptians knew Virgo as Isis, the Goddess of Fertility.

***Dr. Kennedy prudently omits these pagan interpretations.




According to the ancient Egyptian sphinx, the first house of the Zodiac is Virgo, not Aries as in the modern Zodiac. It is common knowledge among occultists that, from remote antiquity, Virgo represented the Mother Goddess worshipped under various names by different pagan cultures. "Some of the mythological representations of Virgo are Nana, Eve, Istar, Demeter, Hecate, Themis, Hera, Astraea, Diana, Cybele, Isis, Fortuna, Erigone, Sibylla and the Virgin Mother. All representations of the Great Mother in some form. She who existed before the masculine gods of ancient and classical mythology." (905)


Occultists claim that the word mother derives from the Egyptian hieroglyph ''Mut': "The Female Principle is recorded in the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs 'Mut' meaning 'Mother'... The English word 'Mother' is a derivation of the Ancient Egyptian word 'Mut'." (903:3)  The Egyptian mother goddess Mut wore a vulture headdress and was associated with the cow, the cat and the lioness.  Mut was an androgyne, having breasts and an erect phallus. According to Ancient Worlds, an internet site which focuses on the ancient gods and goddesses of Egypt,

"There was also a composite deity called 'Mut-Isis-Nekhbet, the Great Mother and Lady' who was shown as a winged goddess with leonine feet, an erect penis and three heads - a lion head wearing Min's headdress, a woman's head wearing the double crown of Egypt and a vulture's head wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt." (1059)  

It is believed by occultists that the human race lived in peace, love, harmony and prosperity in an ancient civilization known as Lemuria, a land mass in the Pacific Ocean which was destroyed by a series of cataclysms. The Pacific Islands are a remnant of this lost continent, which is referred to as the Motherland of MU. American archaeologist and mystic, James Churchward, maintained in The Lost Continent of Mu that documents found in a monastery in India locate the Garden of Eden in MU.

"The Garden of Eden was not in Asia but on a now sunken continent in the Pacific Ocean. The Biblical story of Creation came first not from the peoples of the Nile or the Euphrates Valley but from this now-submerged continent, Mu — the Motherland of Man."

According to legend, the inhabitants of Mu were an ascended race that existed during the Age of Virgo, the Great Mother Goddess who ruled over a Golden Age:

"The Sacred Laws of Lemuria valued community, the individual and a peaceful co-existence. During the era of Mu, the consciousness of the entire planet became predominately intuitive and female. It was an experiment of love. It was an experiment with Goddess. Lemuria is believed to have achieved the highest level of civilization on Earth."  (919

According to Peter Dawkins, author of the Francis Bacon Research Trust Journal, it was during this period that Great Initiates from the star system Sirius left their perfect and harmonious realm to undertake a sacrificial mission to our planet.

"The Ancient Wisdom Traditions teach us that these mighty souls came to our planet approximately 18 million years ago, living in aetheric bodies and inhabiting the land subsequently known as Hyperborea ('the Land beyond the North Wind')... Establishing this area as their principle home and temple, they then moved across the world to other key areas in order to act as guides and teachers to the young races of humanity. Young humanity was, at the time of this great incarnation of 'God-men' and 'Sun-men', existing and evolving in areas of the world known as Mu, the Motherland." (902:39)

Dawkins claims this was also the period of Adam and Eve, who fell - not into sin - but into the material realm from their formerly ethereal estate:

"As a whole they are known historically as the Third Root Race of mankind, a Race of men that, 18 million years ago had just begun to exist in physical bodies, and to think rationally. They needed, at that dawn of rationality, sexuality and free choice, to be carefully guided, with teachers to answer their questions and to provide allegorical ideas of the life to be aimed for and the experiences to be undertaken. During this period the historic (rather than allegorical) story of Adam and Eve took place, followed by the division of Cain from Abel; the latter representing those souls who followed the teachings of the Christ souls, and the former representing those souls who chose otherwise." (902:39)

Gnostics misinterpret the account of the creation of Adam in Genesis 1 as the creation of a male-female or androgynous being in God's own image: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he them; male and female created he them." (Gen. 1:27)  This androgynous First Adam, or Adam-Kadmon, was like the angels - eternal - until s/he separated from the divine, spiritual realm and became imprisoned in the material 3-dimensional world. As a result, Adam-Kadmon became differentiated into two sexes, the Second Adam and Eve. Some Gnostic versions of the fall of Adam-Kadmon contend that the Mother Goddess, Adam's first wife, Lilith or Sophia, separated herself when Adam tried to dominate her. According to the Encyclopedia of Religion's section on 'Androgyny', the medieval mystic and theosophist, Jacob Boehme, revived and popularized the concept of the primal androgynous Adam who fell into matter resulting in its division into Adam and Eve.

"The Judeo-Christian myth and theology of the androgyny of the primal man were successfully reinterpreted and revalorized by Jakob Boehme (1575-1624). For this great mystic and theosophist, Adam's sleep represents the first fall: Adam separated himself from the divine world and 'imagined himself' immersed in nature, by which act he lowered himself and became earthly. The appearance of the sexes is a direct consequence of this first fall... Another fundamental idea of Boehme...and other theosophists was that Sophia, the divine virgin, was originally part of the primal man. When he attempted to dominate her, the virgin separated herself from him." (146:279)

Jewish mysticism substitutes Eve or Lilith for Sophia as the better half of this androgynous Adam: "Even Adam, in Jewish legend, was at first androgynous, until Eve was separated from him and made autonomous." (100:11)  From this false premise, Jewish and Christian Gnostics reason that God must also be androgynous. Referring to Jewish commentaries on Scripture, the Encyclopedia of Religion states: "The midrash on Genesis 1:27 explicitly states that when God created the first man he created him androgynous; thus Adam gave birth to Eve. If man be made in the image of God, the creator himself would be an androgyne, although there is nothing explicit about this in the text of Genesis itself." (146:277)

The Theosophical Glossary states that Sophia, the 'divine virgin' and symbol of wisdom, was, in fact, the Serpent, i.e. Lucifer. Coupled with the Gnostic doctrine of the androgynous Godhead, the Serpent becomes the female component of Adam-Kadmon.

"Ophites (Gr.). A Gnostic fraternity in Egypt, and one of the earliest sects of Gnosticism, or Gnosis (Wisdom, Knowledge), known as the 'Brotherhood of the Serpent'. It flourished early in the second century and, while holding some of the principles of Valentinus, had its own occult rites and symbology. A living serpent, representing the Christos-principle (i.e., the divine reincarnating Monad, not Jesus the man), was displayed in their mysteries and reverenced as a symbol of wisdom, Sophia, the type of the all-good and all-wise." (316:241)



The gods and goddesses of ancient mythology were not actual characters, but archetypes representing the ideal state to which mankind will supposedly attain in the New Age. Accordingly, the Mother Goddess archetype does not represent the Biblical model of motherhood but the Feminine Principle as defined and manifested in ancient mythology.  Nor does 'Virgo, the Virgin' exemplify the Christian virtue of sexual purity, as per the Pagan Federation: "In ancient times, the meaning of 'virgin' did not mean the same as it does today, but meant an independent, self sufficient woman." (668)  The Tarot cards are said to reveal the hidden meaning of the Zodiac. According to Ean Begg, author of The Black Virgin, the Tarot card Justice, which is generally associated with the star-maiden Virgo, exalted promiscuity rather than virtue:

"Rákóczi writes of this card: To the more licentious it represented the 'virgin quality' that is gained, not by pure living, but by plunging into the abyss of sexual indulgence; here we have the exultation of the prostitute as a saint and the saint treated as one who is 'impure'. Hence, Gypsies often call this the Magdalene card..." (272:138-9)

In esotericism, virginity has a very different connotation than it does in normal parlance. To the occultist, being a 'virgin' has nothing to do with sexual purity but rather with preparation for birthing the 'Christ child' through processes of initiation. In fact, rites of initiation frequently involve sexual immorality as the means to achieve this birthing. In the irrational world of the occult mystic, evil is good and good becomes evil. To justify sins such as immorality theologically, the Gnostic simply interprets the Bible allegorically instead of literally. In other words, God's Word is believed to have a hidden or esoteric meaning that transcends the literal statements which form the doctrinal basis of traditional Christianity. Thus, it's perfectly acceptable to occultists such as Peter Dawkins to deny the literal virginity of Mary prior to the birth of Christ, and then to redefine "virginity" with Mary as an archetype of the gnostic version of this term. Note that the spirit guide for this baptismal initiation, a pseudo-John the Baptist, is really the dragon-serpent:

"The Baptism of Water refers to the generative and transformative process undergone by the mortal soul... 'John the Baptist' is the...generative aspect of JIHOVAH: viz. the dragon-serpent JHVH that evolves and guides the natural soul through its 'wilderness' of experience until the soul becomes pure in heart, mind and action. The soul will then be a 'Virgin Mary' and ready to give birth (i.e. become) the 'Christ-Child' Jesus... This Baptism by Water — the transformative experiences of the natural soul — is also known as the Lesser Mysteries (or Degrees) of Initiation, in which the purpose is to produce the pure soul of the 'Virgin Mary'." (902:34)

Once the initiate attains to the new virginity (having been purified from a literal understanding and application of God's Word) there is yet another initiation to be undergone which transforms the virgin soul into a 'Christ':

"The Baptism of the Holy Spirit begins at the culmination of the Baptism of Water... The second Baptism refers to the 'Grace' of God — the blessing of illumination, the Christhood or Christ consciousness — upon the prepared and virgin soul... Through the preceeding Baptism by Water, JHVH (the Shakti or generative power) has been raised up from the root and reached the crown, where it 'marries' with IOA and allows IOA to flood the soul with light, with divine fire. The result is the transmutation of the reflective soul, Mary, to become the radiant Christ Soul, Jesus. The natural soul, Mary, dies in the fire of the Holy Spirit, and is resurrected as the spiritual soul, Jesus, like the flame arising from the candle." - 902:34

The archetypes of Virgo who are most revered by occultistsEve, Isis and Maryare venerated not for their moral purity, but because they personally conceived the Christ-consciousness through asexual means. Alice Bailey wrote that each Mother Goddess advanced an aspect of the concept of "Christ in you, the hope of glory" per Colossians 1:27, which Bailey misconstrued as gnosis.

"The sign Virgo is one of the most significant in the zodiac for its symbology concerns the whole goal of the evolutionary process which is to shield, nurture and finally reveal the hidden spiritual reality...[T]he mother protects the germ of the Christ life; matter guards, cherishes and nurtures the hidden soul. The keynote which embodies the truth as to the mission of Virgo most accurately is 'Christ in you, the hope of glory.' There is no clearer or more adequate definition of this sign than that.

"In all the great world religions, the Virgin Mother appears... Three of these goddesses are Eve, Isis, and Mary... In these three Virgins and these three Mothers of the Christ, you have the history of the formation and the function of the three aspects of the personality through which the Christ must find expression. The sign of Virgo itself stands for a synthesis of these three feminine aspectsEve, Isis and Mary. She is the Virgin Mother, providing that which is needed for the mental, emotional and physical expression of the hidden but ever present divinity. These three expressions are brought to the needed perfection in Leo, the sign of the individual, developed self-consciousness and personality unfoldment." - 137:2 (Virgo)

As Catholics venerate Mary who supernaturally gave birth to the Christ Child, Eve and Isis are similarly revered as aspects of the Mother Goddess, Virgo. New Agers believe that when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit they incarnated into matter and fell from their divine state. Alice Bailey states that, as an aspect of the Virgo, Eve "represents the lure of knowledge which prompts us towards incarnation. She took the apple of knowledge from the serpent of matter, resulting in the historical human undertaking of experiment, experience and expression." (906 'Virgo')


In the secret doctrine, Eve was the consort of Satan, whose union produced Cain; Cain's descendants, in turn, were the Anunnaki, gods who came to earth in Genesis 6. Laurence Gardiner declares the demonic lineage of Cain:

"According to the Dragon tradition, the importance of Cain was that he was directly produced by Enki [Satan] and Ava [Eve], so his blood was three quarters Anunnaki. His half brothers Hevel and Satanael (better known as Abel and Seth) were less than half Anunnaki, being the offspring of Ateba and Ava (Adam and Eve)..." - 612 (Part I)

That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.- Gen. 6:1-3

Former Rosicrucian Grand Master, Max Heindel (1865-1919), identified Cain as the Masonic 'Son of the Widow':

THE MASONIC LEGEND has points of variance from as well as agreement with the Bible story. It states that Jehovah created EVE, that the Lucifer Spirit SAMAEL united with her but that he was ousted by Jehovah and forced to leave her before the birth of her son Cain, who was thus THE SON OF A WIDOW." - 953

The 'son of the widow' is acclaimed by Masonic authorities to be Osiris reincarnated in Horus in the legend of Hiram Abiff, which is reenacted by Master Masons in their initiation to the Third Degree. How many men who are initiated into the Third (Master Mason) Degree of Masonry, realize that they are impersonating Cain when they are symbolically buried and raised from the dead in a mock funeral and resurrection? Of course, Cain represents the religion of dead works which the Freemasons embrace, having rejected salvation by faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, which Abel's sacrifice foreshadowed.

'"THE SONS OF CAIN WERE THRUST OUT OF THE TEMPLE WHICH THEY HAD BUILT, as their father, Cain, had been driven from the garden which he had tilled. This Hiram felt to be an outrage and an injustice; so he applied himself to prepare the means whereby the Sons of Cain might 'rend the veil' and open the way to God for 'whosoever will'." - 953

As an expression of Virgo in the ancient civilization of Egypt, the goddess Isis "represents a similar principle on the astral plane" for, like the Virgin Mary, she bore Horus through magical incantations instead of in the normal way.

[T]o ensure his brother's complete demise, [Set] cut up Osiris' body into fourteen pieces and scattered them far and wide throughout Egypt. Isis found all the pieces of Osiris' literally dismembered body except the phallus, and through purification by Thoth, together with magical incantations in which the actual sound of Thoth's voice played a significant part, the resurrection of Osiris and the subsequent fathering of Horus was achieved. Following in the wake of his resurrection Osiris had conferred upon him the title and position of the God of the Dead. In fathering Horus, Osiris embodied the Masculine Creation Principle. In mothering Horus, Isis embodied the Female Creation Principle...She was the Holy Mother who was represented with her child Horus by the Constellation of Virgo. Isis was considered Virgin as she was seeded after the death and resurrection of Osiris … minus the phallus. (903:4,6)

The myth of Horus is an allegorical perversion of the Genesis account of God's judgment of Nimrod and the Babylonian religious system from which Egyptian mystery religions derived. Osiris represents Nimrod whose plan to unite mankind in a revolt against God failed. (Gen. 10 and 11) Semiramis was Nimrod's mother who became his wife and bore Tammuz as the reincarnation of Nimrod; Isis, sister of Osiris who became his wife, bore Horus as the reincarnation of Osiris. Osiris became a type of victory over death because he was resurrected and reincarnated in his son, Horus.

"It is an indisputable fact that in Ancient Egyptian mythology Osiris did represent Death and Resurrection. His was the first Resurrection, the first Raising. His child Horus was the Son of the Widow, Isis." - 903 (Part 2)

High level occultists understand that the gods and goddesses of ancient mythology were archetypes, and not actual characters. The Masonic authors of The Templar Revelation consider faith in ideas and concepts more intelligent than faith in a living God.

"Isis...was worshipped as a holy virgin. But although she was also mother of Horus, this presented no problem to the minds of her millions of followers. For whereas modern Christians are expected to accept the Virgin birth as an article of faith and an actual historical event, the followers of Isis (Isians) and other pagans faced no such intellectual dilemma. To them, Zeus, Venus or Ma'at may or may not have once walked the earth: what mattered was what they embodied. Each of the pantheon ruled over his or her own area of human life; for example, the Egyptian goddess Ma'at dealt with the concept of justice, both in the material world and when the souls of the dead were weighed in the balance. The gods were understood to be living archetypes, not historical characters. Isians did not waste their time searching for cloths that may have wrapped the body of Osiris, nor did they consider it important to find splinters of the box in which he was confined. Far from being an unsophisticated and ignorant religion, theirs appears to have had a profound grasp of the human psyche." - 242:77

The ideas and concepts regarded by occultists as intellectually superior to Christianity are, as a rule, not merely unconventional but sinful in the extreme and calculated to destroy the social order established by God in His Word. Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett explain the exoteric meaning of the myth of the goddess Isis. Her wide appeal to women of all cultures was and is precisely because of her amoral character:

"Isis was worshipped as both Virgin and Motherbut not as a Virgin Mother. Isians would have considered the notion of the Virgin birth frankly ridiculous: the gods may be capable of wonders, but they do not demand that their worshippers suspend their disbelief quite so much. The worship of most major goddesses emphasized their essential femininity by dividing it up into three main aspects , each representing the lifecycle of real women. First, there is the Virgin, then the Mother, then the Crone; all three are also linked to the new moon, the full moon and the dark side of the moon. Each goddess, including Isis, was understood to stand for the whole female experience, including sexual love, and therefore could be invoked to help a woman with any kind of problemunlike the Virgin Mary whose own personal purity is an impenetrable barrier for those who would like to share their sexual problems with her... Isis, a full-blooded woman who represents a complete female lifecycle... Isis, a beautiful girl-goddess to whom women could praywith a clear conscienceabout absolutely anything, appealed to women from all cultures. . ." - 242:77-8

The esoteric interpretation of the myth of Isis and Osiris—the hidden meaning understood only by the enlightened who have been initiated into the Egyptian mysteriesis revealed in the book, Spiritual Politics: Changing the World From the Inside Out:

"Like the goddess Isis, who found and restored all of the lost pieces of her husband, Osiris, many are restoring the unity of all life, bringing together the separate parts of humanity different races, religions and cultures." - 42:62

European mystics and esotericists viewed the androgyne as the primal and also the final perfected man. In other words, at the end of time, the human race is destined to be fused together into one androgynous entity. According to the Encyclopedia of Religion and other occult sources, the fall of man was not due to sin but rather his descent into matter. However, mankind's entrapment in the material realm will one day be reversed and men and women will be restored to their former ethereal and androgynous state:

"...the androgyne had existed at the beginning (Adam) and will be again at the end of time. [Franz von] Baader borrowed from Boehme the conception of Adam's first fall, the sleep in which his celestial companion was separated from him. But, thanks to Christ, man will again become like the angels... Baader considered that a theology presenting 'sin as a disintegration of man, and the redemption and resurrection as his reintegration' would conquer all other theologies." (146:279)

German romantics such as J. W. Ritter (1776-1810) believed that a new androgynous and immortal humanity will be produced in the likeness of  Christ, whom they consider to be an androgyne. 

"...the androgyne was the perfect, 'total' human being of the future... For Ritter the man of the future would be, like Christ, an androgyne. 'Eve,' he wrote 'was engendered by man without the aid of woman; Christ was engendered by woman without the aid of man; the androgyne will be born of the two. But the husband and wife will be fused together in a single flesh.' The body that is to be born will then be immortal."  (146:279

"With regard to Rev. 14:4 ('Those are they that are not defiled with women; for they are virgins') [Georg] Koepgen asserts, 'Here the new androgynous form of existence becomes visible. Christianity is neither male nor female, it is male-female in the sense that the male paired with the female in Jesus' soul. In Jesus the tension and polaristic strife of sex are resolved in an androgynous unity.  And the Church, as his heir, has taken this over from him; She too is androgynous.'" - 146:281

According to the secret doctrine of the occult, the archetypal Mother Goddess, Eve, and God (Christ) produce an androgynous child; this "occult trinity" is a recurring theme in pagan religions, only the names of the characters are changed in each culture. 

    "Every triad, Blavatsky says, has a male, female and androgen... Eve is within Adam... They are the first androgen. I...found the same idea in 'The Gnostic Gospels'. [In] 'Isis Unveiled' Mme Blavatsky compares the Indian, Chaldean, and Ophite systems. The One becomes dual, or Father and Mother, when manifesting. From the union of the two emanates a third, which is the Son, or manifested Logos...

    "Blavatsky had an idea about the creation process... [T]he male aspect of the Deity has the ideal thought for a creation. This implants a seed into the womb of the feminine aspect of Deity (Sakti), who then 'gives birth' to the Son, the Logos, The Word made flesh. She and others say that the 'Son' is actually an androgen 'Child.'" - 502

The occult concept of the Trinity as Father, Mother and the androgynous Son explains why the Gnostics spare no effort in order to misrepresent the Holy Spirit as female.  Note well in the following excerpt two things: (1) that this false doctrine is supported by the Alexandrian stream of corrupt manuscripts, the Vatinicus and Sinaiticus, which underlie modern bible translations and (2) the 19th century textual critics and translators who supplanted the Greek Textus Receptus with these Gnostic texts.

"At one point [Jerome] has before him the gospel of the Hebrews used by the Syrian Christians which, as some now say, predated the four canonical gospels. In it, Jerome says that the Holy Spirit is expressed in the feminine gender and is considered the mother in law of the soul. (Library 11, commentary in Isaiah, chapter 11: Library 2, commentary. in Micah 7.6:) So here is some additional external evidence from an unrelated source that the Holy Spirit was originally considered feminine.

"Next we go to the detail of the internal evidence from the Greek texts existent today and then to the scope of scripture. As we examine the Greek texts it seems at first that we are at a loss. At all points in the accepted text the gender of the Holy Spirit and its associated pronouns are rendered in the neuter, yet when we look at the scope of scripture and consider that the Holy Spirit could be feminine, it still seems that it may be so. Finally, as we scour the accepted text and variant renderings used to translate it, we come across one small Greek letter in the text as an unaccounted gem of possible truth. It is in the tiniest of print in the variant texts at the bottom of page 290 in George Ricker Berry’s fifteenth printing of The Interlinear Literal Translation of The Greek New Testament. The more we turn this small gem in the light of the repetitive historical attempts to silence Paul and his revelation of the mystery, and in the light from the scope of scripture the more importance it seems to have and the more brilliantly it seems to shine. It is the Greek letter eta which is either the feminine definite article to which a feminine noun must be attached or the feminine third person singular pronoun which must also agree with its associated noun. It is present with the corresponding accent, which would make it the third person feminine pronoun, in the final phrase in the gospel of John in chapter fourteen verse sixteen as the majority of the Greek texts including Lachman, Tishendorph, Tragelles, and Alford attest. It is also present in Knoch’s literal interlinear which is based on the three major uncials of Alexandrius, Vatinicus and Sinaiticus. Accordingly this verse should be translated as such: 'And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that she may dwell with you forever; John 14:16'" - 917

The Greek Textus Receptus does not support a feminine gender for the Holy Spirit. The 17th edition of the George Ricker Berry TR states: "'And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may dwell with you forever; John 14:16"  The Greek word for "Comforter" (parakletos) is an accusative, singular, masculine noun (Strongs #3875).  It is not neuter. While the verb dwell or abide is third person, and can be male, female or neuter, it must take on the gender of the subject. 


What is really behind this Gnostic interpretation of the Holy Spirit is a subtle exchange of personages. The androgynous Adam-Eve of Genesis 1:27 and subsequent god-goddess archetypes of the male and female principles are, in fact, the androgynous God of the dualist heresyLucifer who poses as a kind and compassionate feminist god as opposed to the evil male god who created the corrupt material world and fosters male supremacy:

"So to Luciferians, God has a dual nature; he is the good god, Lucifer, and the bad god, Adonay, both supposedly equal in power, yet opposite in intent... Lucifer is further divided into Isis, the female principal, and Osiris, the male principal. The myth that a benevolent Lucifer still exists, is at the core of the secret societies. It paints Lucifer as being different from Satanas some form of benevolent god who favors his followers on the basis of their level of 'illumination'." (William Still, New World Order & the Ancient Plan of Secret Societies) - 86:31


    "In our opinion, the Catholic Church never wanted its members to know about the true relationship between Jesus and Mary, which is why the Gnostic Gospels were not included in the New Testament and why most Christians do not even know they exist...
    "According to that censored material, which was deliberately rejected to prevent the true picture from being known, Jesus gave the Magdalene the title of 'Apostle of the Apostles' and 'the Woman Who Knew All.' He said that she would be raised above all the other disciples and rule the forthcoming Kingdom of Light. As we have seen, he also called her Mary Lucifer.' - 'Mary the Lightbringer'..." (The Templar Revelation) - 242:261

What the mystics are aiming for in their movement toward extinction of the sexes, is procreation through asexual means as the preferred method of reproduction. Eventually, human partners will be replaced with angelic beings who are androgynous and pass their genetic code onto their offspring. This ultimate experiment in eugenics will produce a race of demi-gods such as occurred in the days of Noah (Gen. 6). 

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. - Gen. 6:1-7



According to The Secret Doctrine by H.P. Blavatsky, before the fall of Adam and Eve, Virgo was Virgo-Scorpio, a single sign representing the first man as a male-female or Androgyne: 

"...in ancient times...only ten [signs of the Zodiac] were known to the profane; the initiates, however, knew them all, from the time of the separation of mankind into sexes, whence arose the separation of Virgo-Scorpio into two; which owning to a secret sign added and the Libra invented by the Greeks, instead of the secret name which was not given, made 12... The Adam of the first chapter is the spiritual, therefore pure androgyne, Adam-Kadmon. When woman issues from the left rib of the second Adam (of dust), the pure Virgo is separated, and falling 'into generation,' or the downward cycle, becomes Scorpio emblem of sin and matter." (209:502ff)

According to Gnostic doctrine, the Serpent was good Spirit (Holy Spirit) also known as the Logos and Divine Wisdom and its sign is Virgo-Scorpio:

"The 'Old Dragon' was pure spirit before he became matter, passive before he became active. In the Syro-Chaldean magic both Ophis and Ophiomorphis are joined in the Zodiac, at the sign of the Androgyne Virgo-Scorpio. Before its fall on earth the 'Serpent' was Ophis-Christos, and after its fall it became Ophiomorphis-CHRESTOS." - 930:323-327


The occult concept of the 'divine androgyne' (more accurately, 'demonic' androgyne) will be seen repeatedly along the gnostic 'way of salvation' presented in the Zodiac. As Blavatsky stated, the ancient Zodiac had only ten signs due the union of Virgo and Scorpio and the absence of Libra. With the fall of Adam and Eve into matter, the Virgo-Scorpio divided and Libra was added, making twelve signs. The original double sign of the 'divine androgyne', however, represented not only the fall of the heavenly (angelic) Adam into dense matter and division into sexes, but also the transformation of the world from a formerly spiritual and ethereal state into its present material condition. 


According to this secret doctrine, the revised Zodiac reflected the fall of the human race, now trapped in matter, and its subsequent destruction as it undertook to regain its former estate. Thanks to a new sign invented by the Greeks, Libra reveals the Gnostic version of redemption, to wit, that when humanity reached the nadir of its existence of enslavement in matter, the scales of justice (requiring balance) initiated an equal reaction in the opposite direction resulting in an upward swing of the human race toward its previous spiritualized existence. However, mankind's return to the 'heavenly' state, aided by intermarriage with demons per Genesis 6, was rudely interrupted by the Great Flood during the sign of Pisces.


    "Instead of the twelve signs now used, there were originally but ten known to the general public, viz.: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo-Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius, and Pisces. These were exoteric. But in addition there were two mystical signs inserted, which none but initiates comprehended, viz.: at the middle or junction-point where now stands Libra, and at the sign now called Scorpio, which follows Virgo. When it was found necessary to make them exoteric, these two secret signs were added under their present appellations as blinds to conceal the true names which gave the key to the whole of creation, and divulged the origin of 'good and evil.'

    "The true Sabean astrological doctrine secretly taught that within this double sign was hidden the explanation of the gradual transformation of the world, from its spiritual and subjective, into the 'two-sexed' sublunary state. The twelve signs were therefore divided into two groups. The first six were called the ascending, or the line of Macrocosm (the great spiritual world)the mere reflection of the former, so to say. This division was called Ezekiel's wheel, and was completed in the following way: First came the ascending five signs (euphemerized into patriarchs), Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and the group concluded with Virgo-Scorpio. Then came the turning-point, Libra. After which, the first half of the sign Virgo-Scorpio, was duplicated and transferred to lead the lower, or descending group of Microcosm which ran down to Pisces or Noah (deluge). To make it clearer, the sign Virgo-Scorpio...became simply Virgo, and the duplication...Scorpio, was placed between Libra, the seventh sign (which is Enoch, or the angel Metatron, or Mediator between spirit and matter, or God and man). It now became Scorpio (or Cain), which sign or patriarch led mankind to destruction, according to exoteric theology; but according to the true doctrine of the wisdom-religion, it indicated the degradation of the whole universe in its course of evolution downward from the subjective to the objective." - 195:456-7 (Vol II)

The real meaning of Virgo suggests a very different gospel than that which is proffered to the Christian masses in books such as Kennedy's Real Meaning of the Zodiac. Blavatsky states that when Virgo separated from Virgo-Scorpio, she became Scorpio.

"The name of Eve is composed of three letters, that of the primitive or heavenly Adam is written with one letter, Hod or Yodh; therefore it must not be read Jehova but Ieva, or Eve. The Adam of the first chapter is the spiritual, therefore pure androgyne, Adam-Kadmon. When woman issues from the left rib of the second Adam (of dust), the pure Virgo is separated, and falling 'into generation,' or the downward cycle, becomes Scorpio emblem of sin and matter...

"Cain...is the Son of the 'Lord,' not of Adam (Genesis vi.1.) The 'Lord' is Adam Kadmon, Cain, the Son of sinful thought, not the progeny of flesh and blood. Seth on the other hand is the leader of the races of the earth, for he is the son of Adam, and begotten 'in his own likeness, after his image. (Genesis v. 3) - 195:462-3 (Vol II)

It seems that the gods who came to earth to teach mankind how to evolve beyond the 3-dimensional state became disgusted at the warlike behavior of the human race and returned to heaven where they now reside in the Zodiacal signs.  It is said that Virgo reigned over the earth during the Golden Age but, offended at the wickedness of mankind, she returned to her position in the sky:

"Hesiod says this figure is Themis; the daughter of Jupiter; but Aratus says she is the daughter of Astraeus and Aurora, and that she reigned over the human race during the Golden Age of mankind...." (570:206)

"Virgo was drawn in the Egyptian zodiac and was said to represent the goddess Isis. To the Romans she was Astrea, the goddess of Justice, holding the Scales of Libra in her hand.  Astrea, sickened by the wars of men, was the last of the celestial beings to leave the earth for the heavens, hence she is sometimes depicted with the wings that she used to ascend to the stars." - 920

Peter Dawkins explains in The Great Vision that, after the civilization of Lemuria was destroyed, "Christ souls" from more advanced galaxies incarnated on the earth to enable mankind to evolve beyond their debased material condition. The next great civilization to appear was Atlantis:

"After Mu, the next great epoch of human civilization was in Atlantis, in which humanity is known as the Fourth Root Race... The Atlanteans are the Nephilim ('giants') of the bible, their ancestor being Seth, the third 'son' of Adam. During this period the Christ souls and their disciplesthe 'sons of God'incarnated totally into the dense substance of the planet, and into its human life cycle, taking on dense physical bodies and involving themselves far more completely with the experiences of younger humanity. Thus 'the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took wives of all which they chose.' Their progeny became 'the mighty men, the men of renown', the great initiate-teachers who lived amongst mankind and who established centres of the Ancient Wisdom of Atlantis, to teach the Mysteries of God and lead those who were ready and capable through initiation." - 902:39

It seems that the majority of Atlanteans wickedly disregarded the wisdom of the great initiated teachers and, preferring power and materialism to the transcendent state, brought destruction on the world through "...a large asteroid, dislodged from the solar system's asteroid belt by the probable influence of galaxial nebulae, and attracted to the Earth because of the greed of the people for energy and power, acting against the advice of the sages... This period of destruction constitutes the historical aspect of Noah's Flood; Noah and his family representing those of humanity, guided by the initiates and great sages, who took refuge and established 'Arks' or landscape temples in areas that could...withstand the destruction." - 902:39


Here we find a rather different account of the Deluge than set forth in the book of Genesis, chapter 7. New Agers claim that Atlantis had advanced very far along the evolutionary path; however, this great civilization was destroyed by the gods when men began to neglect the occult traditions.

"Atlantis [was] a highly evolved ancient civilization which developed and used advanced technologies such as those we are learning about today. The civilization misused some of the technologies by not integrating spiritual practices into their use and was destroyed by earthquakes and other cataclysms. The continent of Atlantis sank into the Atlantic Ocean on three separate occasions. Some Atlanteans escaped and went to such places as Greece, Egypt and Central America... - 45:368

Apparently, Noah received his intelligence about the coming judgment from the Ascended Masters, who are communicating with many today concerning the imminent transformation of Earth into a Garden of Eden of the Universe.

    "In several messages received over the last few years, the Ascended Masters have spoken of the transformation Earth is presently going through. Often they included descriptions of the changes that would occur, to both land and people. They called it the birthing process for the planet...  

    "This transformation into the New Age was described once, by the Arcturians, as the birthing of a planet (earth) into a star in the Heavens. They said that it has been written since ancient Babylon that the Earth would journey into the Age of Aquarius and become a Garden of Eden in the universe...

    "These Masters appear to be members of a group that oversees the entire plan of operations — at least for this section of the universe. Emphatically, they state that they work for God. They are here to assure us that all details of this plan run on schedule. Throughout history, when the time was right, they have communicated with souls such as ourselves. They cite Noah's being notified of the upcoming flood or John the Baptist's foretelling the coming of Jesus as examples. These historical figures received their messages in the same way that many are receiving this kind of information today." - 45:3,5

Occultists believe that, following the Deluge or whatever great cataclysm they invent to replace what really happened Genesis 7, the gods and goddesses either escaped by returning to the heavens, or to the underworld, and that those adepts whom they had trained in the occult traditions traveled to other parts of the world where they preserved the sacred knowledge that made Atlantis great.  One of the great civilizations that developed from the pre-flood civilization was Egypt. Peter Dawkins wrote in Arcadia: The Egyptian Mysteries of the colonization of Egypt by the high adepts who escaped from dying Atlantis bringing with them the alchemical and sacred geometry teachings of Enoch, whom the Egyptians knew as Thoth, later renamed Hermes Trismegistus by the Greek Neo-Platonists:

    "One of the earlier civilisations to arise from the ashes of Atlantis, although not on such a large scale, and which seriously attempted to create a Golden Age for itself, was that of Ancient Egypt...

    "...it would appear that the civilisation which we know as Ancient Egypt was the result of a pre-planned and carefully controlled experiment in human civilisation, the organisation and knowledge for which had been carefully prepared over many thousands of years. The original knowledge was given to the first sages of Egypt by the 'Gods', and those sages are themselves said to have come as colonists from Atlantis during the last few thousands of years of that 'Titanic' period of man's development. In other words, there was a sacred tradition of wisdom knowledge handed on from the past via a line of sages or high initiates, that was said to have come from the great Atlantean sage, Enoch (as he was known to the Hebrews), or Thoth (as he was known to the Egyptians), who 'walked with God' and was raised up into the highest heaven to become the Messiah or Teacher of all mankind. He, in his turn, had received a sacred tradition of wisdom knowledge via a line of sages stemming from Adam, the first incarnate man, who had been instructed by God after his fall from Paradise. Enoch was known mystically as 'the seventh from Adam." - 889:15,28


Like Eve who was the better half of Adam-Kadmon, the occult portrays the Egyptian goddess, Isis, as the twin sister and female counterpart of Osiris who was the male portion of an androgynous or hermaphrodite deity. In ancient Egypt, as fraternal twins and husband-wife, Isis and Osiris were called the 'divine androgyne.' This secret doctrine of the hermaphrodite God, who is the generative power, is symbolized by the Masonic square and compass and also the six-pointed star:


"The Hermaphroditic figure is the Symbol of the double nature anciently assigned to the Deity, as Generator and Producer, as Brahm and Maya among the Aryans, Osiris [Saturn] and Isis [Venus] among the Egyptians. As the Sun was male, so the Moon was female; and Isis was both sister and the wife of Osiris. The Compass, therefore, is the Hermetic Symbol of the Creative Deity, and the Square of the productive Earth or Universe..." (Albert Pike) (39:155)







               ANTICHRIST IN VIRGO

               THE GREAT CHYREN











                  ANTICHRIST IN CANCER

                  THE THREE BEARS

                  FALSE PROPHET IN CANCER

                 THE MICHAEL IN CANCER




MU 4



CAROLINE E. KENNEDY________________________

FEB 9, 2007



Text Samples from “Kennedy Saga”,

Table of Contents




The Kennedy Story

12Jacqueline Kennedy/Bouvier

12John F. Kennedy

31John F. Kennedy, Curse

49John F. Kennedy Jr.

54Jacqueline Bouvier about John F. Kennedy Jr.

57John F. Kennedy Jr.

64The Side Show

69Richard Nixon

70Frank Sinatra

79Contract to Kill

88Nikita Chroushchov

89The Cover Up

99J. Edgar Hoover

101Lyndon B. Johnson

117Robert Kennedy


41Last Words


Page 15

The Eagle Clan landed in Mindanao and journeyed across the Pacific Ocean to Peru.It would be a very long story to explain even superficially what happened afterwards. For our purpose of explaining

the "curse" of the Kennedys

it will suffice to give you the following explanation:Towards the end of the world before the Serpent Clan had defeated all of the other Clans and it also had invaded Atlantis.

The leader and supreme ruler of the Serpent Clan was Amun.

As such he was the most powerful and also the richest man on this planet.

The Egyptian invader gods hat created pantheons of deities - these were clones of the gods - for the various genetic code groups of humans and one of these was the Teutonic Pantheon.

Freya was a female member of this Teutonic Pantheon.

*******Amun liked rough sex but for Freya it was too rough and she killed him. *****CAROLYN BESSETTE*******


******The present world was created on basis of the genetic code of a Maya woman, ******SOPHIA OF WISDOM III AKA CAROLINE E. KENNEDY, JR.

a human. Therefore, when the worlds changed only humans could and can live in the new dimension.


The spiritual entities of the gods and deities were much too large to fit in human bodies. Therefore, except for the ones in space ships they all perished in the course of the natural disasters caused by the change of dimensions. Their spiritual entities split and tiny particles of these huge "god or deity" entities - they are called

sub-entities - are incarnated in human bodies. The spiritual patterns these sub-entities are bearing determine the fates of the people that carry them.




Page 16

*******Amun was the most powerful man on Earth and his sub-entities carry the pattern of highest power but they also carry the pattern of being destroyed by a woman.

Therefore, every time a sub-entity of Amun rose or was about to rise to highest power or status of celebrity and encountered and bonded with a sub-entity of Freya this Amun sub-entity experienced violent death within several years.

John F. Kennedy's fate was sealed when he married Jacqueline Bouvier Likewise

******his son's fate was sealed when he married Carolyn Bessette.

Bobby Kennedy as brother of John F.Kennedy was spiritually close enough to Jacqueline Bouvier to get killed when he aspired to become the most powerful man in the world. Teddy Kennedy survived even though the pattern also extended to him and did indeed threaten his life, because he decided not to run for the Presidency of the United States.The oldest of the brothers, Joe, was the first one to be hit by

the "curse" because he was destined by his father to become President and only death kept him from actually becoming President of the United States of America.

After he had met a Freya sub-entity the pattern of death had been activated.There is much more to be told but for the purpose of this spiritual work the above will suffice.This spiritually valid announcement has terminated the effectiveness of the spiritual patterns established in the world before not only for the members of the Kennedy Clan but for all other sub-entities of Amun.

The "curse" has been lifted.


SHE WON'T GIVE UP THE BODY SUIT WHICH HAS THE MOST POWER....And then she shares it with Carolyn and many others to keep me down....AND JOHN SPELL BOUND.......

Page 17
This address needs to be sent to Larry King because he is the most successful man in this world's media and, therefore, represents the media spiritually. It has been written with the permission and the help of God the Almighty. Thank you for your patience. The descendants from the Egyptian god-deity Amun John F. Kennedy Jr. and Jr., Joe Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Anwar Sadat and the former King of Jordan, Hussein, who was spared to be the victim of assassins through the spiritual protection his wife, Queen Noor, had been for him.

Lemurian Artifacts

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On Lemurians

Lemurian Crystals

Lemurian Artifacts

Lemurian Artifacts

By: Carol Jean Attoe: (1st 5)

Temple Lemuria // Temple Of The Wind

Circa Late Pre History // Lemurian Icon

Ancient Icon

Lemuria Artifact #1(?) Wood 9"x9" : by: Travis Zumwalt 

From Sheldan Webinar: 11-3-11

Remember!.. Remember!.. Remember!..

Ra Ka Isha~

Lemurian Crystals

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Golden Healer Lemurian Crystals
posted@July 28, 2010 by Curtis Lang

Crystals Made of Love & Light
The resonant & powerful Golden Healer Lemurians come from one of the new Lemurian mines in the Serra do Cabral mountain range in Brazil. The Golden Healer Lemurians are a new find. Our source in Brazil for the finest Lemurian crystals just made these available to us in July 2010, and they will reach the broader mineral market at the Denver show this September.

Jane and I have discovered through direct experience that Lemurian golden healers are true "ascension stones", raising the vibrational frequency of the entire chakra system and promoting a higher energy signature throughout body, mind and aura. Just keep reading and we'll tell you all about what we experienced.

This Golden Healer Lemurian crystal displays remarkable clarity throughout. Hematite or iron oxide inclusions give this Golden Healer Lemurian a distinctive golden orange color. The golden-orange coloration, and the infusion of hematite gives this Lemurian cluster a distinct metaphysical connection to Archangel Michael, as is explained in the paragraphs below.

Generally, golden healer crystals, many of which have been found in Arkansas, have a coating of iron oxide on the surface of the crystal which imparts the characteristic color, ranging from yellow to brownish yellow. Occasionally the iron oxide suffuses the entire crystal with a golden glow. Golden healer crystals that are completely infused with a beautiful golden color are much more rare and energetically powerful than those with a mere coating of iron oxide.

Golden healer crystals are used by crystal healers for their ability to magnify the flow of prana throughout the body and aura to promote healing, reduce fear and anxiety, induce a state of deep relaxation and accelerate tissue healing. Golden healers are said to put the healer and the one seeking healing in touch with the guidance they need to take them more rapidly and easily along their own personal path of healing. Golden healers are also said to powerfully energize and activate the crown and third, or solar plexus chakra.

Through the energized crown chakra we experience a more conscious connection to Spirit. The increased flow of energy through the solar plexus chakra enhances our own sense of personal power, imparting self-confidence and an increased ability to do our work in the world.

This Golden Healer Lemurian crystal is a marvelous tool for doing any kind of energy work, meditation or healing. The Golden Healer Lemurians have a very powerful energy signature.

Jane and I are very excited about these new golden healer Lemurian crystals, because of our personal experience with them in meditation and in giving Reiki treatments to our clients. In meditation and self-Reiki treatments, Jane and I experienced first hand the unique power of these new Lemurian healing crystals.

First, one experiences a vastly increased flow of prana throughout the body, accompanied by a sense of relief, release of tension and well-being.

Next there is a sense of energy elevating to a higher frequency within all seven of the primary chakras associated with the physical body. Other golden crystals and gemstones we have used amplify the energy in the crown chakra, but these Lemurian golden healers are true "ascension stones", raising the vibrational frequency of the entire chakra system and promoting a higher energy signature throughout body, mind and aura. These golden healer crystals promote the purification of the entire body, mind and aura as they simultaneously help the bearer to raise their energy from the lower chakras to the more highly evolved spiritual centers. No matter where your consciousness is normally centered, in the first, second, third or fourth chakra, you will notice that your consciousness is raised to a higher level during sessions with the Golden Healer Lemurian crystals.

Following this sense of elevation, the Golden Healer Lemurians initiated a profound relaxation of the physical body, which occurred over a period of time. One senses a strong flow of energy into the areas of the body where tensions are held. Then one experiences a gentle breakup of blockages in those areas where the most tension is held in muscles throughout the body.

During a meditation session, it is helpful to take deep slow breaths from the diaphragm and "breathe through the tension", which facilitates the gentle dissipation of these blockages in the energy system.

As these energy blockages dissipate, one enjoys a deep relaxation of muscles, ligaments, tendons and nervous tension, especially in those areas that had held the most tension.

Then, mental activity simply ceased, the incessantly arising procession of thoughts common to our waking consciousness slowing dramatically until few or no new thoughts appeared.

As mental activity ceased, we experienced a profound feeling of inner peace and well-being. Stillness, silence, and a vision of a deep velvety void shot through with tiny sparkling lights. Then, simply silence.

In further meditations with the Golden Healer crystals, the Sky Goddess Nuit appeared to us. The Goddess of Love and Light, Mistress of the Milky Way, and Mother of the Universe imparted this message:

"I have poured our my living, loving light into the Golden Healer Lemurians to help Lightworkers stay open, clear and balanced during these times of Earthly transition, so you may all continue to receive the increasing flow of energy from Source that the Ascended Master Hierarchy is directing to that segment of Humanity which is open to the elevation of human energy signatures to a higher level, on what many call the Ascension Path.

The pain and suffering humanity is experiencing as a result of a totally imbalanced cultural relationship to nature, to spirit and to soul-life, especially to the divinities and Ascended Master Teachers and Guides, impacts all human beings, no matter how advanced they may be spiritually.

The birth pangs of a new global consciousness create increased tensions and energetic blockages within the human body-mind-aura and can impede the energetic progress of even advanced Lightworkers and others on the path of Spirit.

I nourish the Universe with the milk of my breasts, which manifests as the Zero Point Field of background energy which creates and sustains the stars in your skies and your Mother Planet Earth. The Golden Healer Lemurians are that Divine milk churned by Mother Earth over untold ages of geological time into a crystalline butter that will nourish human bodies, minds and emotional bodies. Accept this gift from the Mistress of the Stars, and think of me with love as you work with these beautiful love-offerings carrying the energy signature of the Divine Source, which lies beyond the four dimensional time-space continuum."

These golden healer Lemurians occur naturally with multiple striations. All types of Lemurian crystals are considered more valuable when these striations have been left intact & not polished off of the crystals. Lemurians exhibiting multiple striations are thought to contain information from ancient civilizations.

Lemuria is said to have been an intuitive, spiritual civilization. Lemurian crystals are tuned to energies of unity, and help us to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives. Place the striations on the third eye or place the finger on the striations while meditating, or just place the crystal on your meditation cushion or altar nearby you.

You can backlight these Lemurian crystals and scan them with a jeweler's loupe to observe the finely etched hieroglyphics that become visible when the striations are magnified. They are said to resemble Sanskrit lettering and contain the records of each crystal's experiences and of the Lemurian civilization. Lemurian crystals are tuned to energies of unity, and help us to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives.

The Lemurian civilization's artifacts have been recently rediscovered by Lightworkers whose energy and auric signatures resonate harmonically with the energy of the original Lemurian sages and healers. The Lemurians were said to be Stewards of the Earth.

The Lemurian quartz crystals have been identified as tools of the present era's Lightworkers whose task is to preserve the environment -- those known as Protectors of Mother Earth.

These Protectors often use Lemurian crystals to unify their energies with lightworkers throughout the world and beyond, to perform collective meditations for the benefit of the environment and all the beings who dwell on our Blue-Green Planet.

Healers we have spoken to about the Lemurian crystals say that these stones have a warmth and power that they have not seen before. And we can say from personal experience using Lemurians in a clinical setting with people with chronic and life threatening illness, that these stones can open and soothe the heart chakra and the emotional body, bringing comfort and deep relaxation. They are ideal for use by vibrational healers, Reiki therapists, and other energy workers.

Because Lemurian seed crystals are associated with the Protectors of the Earth, this crystal can be used in meditation to transmit healing energy to large groups of people, to Lightworkers connected to the Christ consciousness grid surrounding the planet, and to large geographic areas where turbulent weather or political conditions prevail.

Here's a meditation you can do with this Golden Lemurian crystal wand. During a crystal healing or Reiki self-treatment session, place the crystal in your left hand, pointing in toward your wrist. The left hand is the is the receptive hand. Close your eyes, and relax.

Meditate quietly, observing your thoughts without pursuing them or allowing them to disturb your relaxation. Maintain a state of detached observation, neither approving or disapproving about your thoughts. Allow them to come and go, simply observing their passage. Maintain your attention on your breath, and attempt to breathe deeply and evenly. Breathe in slowly and evenly from the very bottom of your stomach and inhale deeply, until you have filled the diaphragm all the way to your throat. Exhale slowly and evenly through the nostrils, emptying the diaphragm all the way down to the very bottom of the lower stomach, several inches below the belly button. If you like, count the breaths as you go, until you reach one hundred.

Throughout the meditation, visualize a powerful golden light streaming into your body from the crystal, filling it completely as you count your breaths, so that by the time you complete your meditation, your body is completely filled with the golden light.

This powerful Lemurian Golden Healer Quartz Crystal contains hematite, or iron oxide, giving it a distinctive golden-orange hue, and a distinctive metaphysical connection with Archangel Michael.

Esoteric Christianity makes a link between hematite and Archangel Michael, and a quartz crystal containing hematite can provide the bearer with a powerful connection to Michael, providing access to the Archangel's loving wisdom and power to dissolve illusion through the activity of his famous sword, the sword of Ultimate Truth. During the Libran month, on October 8, in the northern hemisphere, the Draconid meteor showers will be visible. At this time of year, when sensational meteor showers, largely composed of iron, traditionally streak across the night sky, Esoteric Christian philosopher Rudolph Steiner’s clairvoyant vision saw the traditional flashing iron sword of Michael.

The meteoric sword of Michael was thought to cleanse the Earth’s atmosphere of summer's sulfurous influences, allowing the Higher Self to emerge and guide the initiate along the path of Spirit toward the birth of the Inner Christ Light, an event which takes place in December, during the festival of Christmas.

For more information on Michaelmas, see "Libra Festivals: Michaelmas, Rosh Hoshanah, Ramadan and Navratri".

Hematite "assists in the dissolution of negativity, transforming the negativity, in the dissolved state, to the purity of the universal light of love," according to Melody. "It can be used to stimulate the desire for, and to facilitate the attainment of, peace, self-control and inner happiness"

This crystal has been cleaned with Universal Life Force Energy, and given an energy attunement using , a Japanese technique of energy healing, so it will continue to receive and transmit Universal Life Force Energy direct from the Source of Creation. It has also cleaned and charged with the natural energy of sunlight. It is ready for you to program according to your own needs and desires.


you got middle-world as lower reals aka spirit world, and higher realm aka angelic realm. one can connect to both......

lower/us/higher all in




First Temple Crystals

New Mine New Find

These crystals are true lemurians from the New Mine in Brazil. They are the next level down from the pink lemurian clusters that stood guard over this sacred place. The earth went thru all sorts of changes as the entrance hole was dug in the new mine. Several large stones were broken and these are the tips of them, just gorgeous lemurians, polished with allowance for striations to prove their Lemurian heritage. These stones call themselves LEMURIAN FIRST TEMPLE CRYSTALS.

Lemurian Seed Crystals are a gift to the Earth from the far off reaches of the Universe. They are ancient beyond time and hold encodings that seeks to be embraced by those that are ready for a new dialogue of crystalline intelligence. Lemurian crystals create an interstellar connection between earth and the center of the galaxy. They were designed to collect and record light from cosmic sources

The akashic records is held within the striations of these crystals. They contain & transmit messages from ancient to advanced civilizations. The consciousness of Lemuria never ever left Earth, it has been kept alive within the crystalline records. These crystals are part of the planetary activation light grid. They are magnificent light tools to be used by those that are ready to enter the new spectrum of light.

The energy in Lemurian crystals multiplies and focuses the overall energy of Quartz many times. They contain & transmit messages of equality and unconditional love from ancient advanced civilizations. Lemurian Crystals come to us for the purpose of being “activated. These Lemurian First Temple Crystals. can be used to open and expand the Heart chakra.

These vast beings of light in crystalline form create a living line of light allowing the dormant powers of humanity to exceed limitations shifting what was previously accepted as truth. A continuous spectrum of solar light ignites their hidden truths. Within these magnificent pieces are portals that await your presence to start the seamless integration. The power of infinite information and divine intelligence pool together to release all boundaries and change the shorelines of the future. These are Master Teacher Crystals,


The Lemurian Seed Crystals by Katrina Raphaell (2009)

Here is an excerpt of her finding on these amazing crystals:

This information I am going to share about the Lemurian Seed Crystals was gathered in February of 2000 when the Crystal Academy's teachers/ministers met on Kauai for a reunion. I had been made aware of these crystals by a friend and had promised to work with them in the teacher's course to gain information about these specialized quartz crystals. Seven of us settled into an afternoon attunement with six Lemurian Seed Crystals and with little extra added research and compilation I am very happy to present this information to you.

The Lemurian Seed Crystals are mined in Brazil. Apparently they were found at the top of a hill that was being strip-mined for quartz. These naturally formed generators were found separately in sand and were not attached to clusters. They immediately got attention because they were not like the rest of the quartz found in clusters in that area. Some, but not all of them, carry a pink to reddish glow. These unique crystals are clear quartz but instead of shiny, they appear frosted or dull-like they have a mat finish. Their most unique characteristic is a series of horizontal striations that run up one or more of the sides of the crystal. Generally (but not always) these distinct horizontal striations end in a triangular face forming the apex of the crystal. I knew when I saw these markings that there was something special about these crystals since I had rarely seen more that one or two horizontal markings on quartz and these crystals can have up to dozens.
Having waited for over a month to receive information about these crystals by the time we finally sat down to meditate with them the first sense I received was that of a powerful group of beings that were ready and waiting to align with the human mind. There was a sense of urgency and I felt that this was the first time that a group of humans had consciously aligned with them to receive information. Through the insight of others in the group we came to understand that these beings existed on the earth plane before the time of Lemuria and were part of the natural seeding of star systems. It was during the last days of Lemuria that these crystals were planted within the earth with their specialized purpose.

Having received this information I immediately thought of the Record Keeper Crystals (see Crystal Enlightenment, Vol. I,) The ancient Atlantians had programmed the Record Keepers before the fall of that great civilization in order to record and safeguard their knowledge. But The Lemurian Seed Crystals were different somehow. We came to understand that these "seed" crystals were not programmed with specific information as were the Record Keepers but were rather placed in the rich earth where crystalline growth was expected to form in the coming millennia. These crystals were programmed to transmit frequencies to other crystals that were being created throughout time. A big part of what they relay is the sense of oneness, of unity, of every individual part being equal and no better than any other part and the necessity for love in order to evolve.

It is believed that the race of Lemurians, having seeded our world, left the earth plane for other star systems when life on the surface of the planet could no longer be sustained. However, many of the Lemurians also went into inner earth and it is from within that domain that they still care for the earth and are responsible for these crystals surfacing now. Maintaining a clear conscious telepathy with the ones who traveled on to other star systems, this highly evolved breed of beings preserves their own unity. In this way the recently surfaced Lemurian Seed Crystals assists in creating a holographic connection between inner earth, the surface of the earth, as well as with the stellar regions. This holographic connection also links the Lemurian Seed Crystals with other crystals in and on the surface of the earth, integrates the crystals with the human magnetic field, the human magnetic field with the earth, and the earth with the outer multidimensional universe. One of the main purposes of these seed crystals is to create complete holographic unity. It only requires one Lemurian Seed Crystal to holographically connect to all of seed crystals. This energetic connection forms an energy grid around the earth which links us to inner and outer worlds.

The horizontal striations actually appear to be lasered into these crystals. It is as if they carry the knowledge of how to maintain unity while being individualized and living on the physical plane. How do we stay consciously connected when we become linear and worldly? How do we care for every other living thing as much as we care for ourselves? How can we care for our environment as if it were our own body? The Lemurian Seed crystals stimulate the limbic part of the brain which is our most instinctual animalistic part and stimulates the cerebral spinal fluid with a higher frequency. In doing so it is as if a holographic transmission is received which will help us to evolve our consciousness to include the linear and mundane equally with the divine and the cosmic.

Working with Lemurian Seed Crystals
To work with the Lemurian Seed Crystals meditate with them by putting the horizontal striations to the 3rd eye, or by using the index finger of the left hand to feel the striations. They are also extremely powerful in grids. Following our meditation session with the Lemurian Seed Crystals we created a grid for the earth using the information that we received (see photo). We were guided to place four seed crystals in a cross formation. This four pointed cross can be done around a grid, around a crystal healing recipient, or around a defined space to set up the holographic connection. With the grid we made four seed crystals were set with pieces of green selenite on them to project spiritual healing into the globe of the earth. Hematite encircled the planet for protection and to assist in the grounding of energies. A blue obsidian pyramid was placed on top of the globe with four blue obsidian balls in between the seed crystals to bring in peace and hope. When we all stood holding hands around the grid to activate it the energy was so strong that we all had to breathe deeply. We sent the unity and love into every prison, hospital, war zone, orphanage, military establishment, school, home and heart of everyone on the planet. The presence of the guardian beings was present and very strong. Again, I felt a sense of urgency and felt how important it was to keep my own holographic connection and pray on that all-inclusive level. We left the grid set up for over a week and everyone that saw it felt its energy.

Creating a Circle of Protection
Another piece of information that we received is that if you hold a Lemurian Seed Quartz in your right hand while you walk around and encircle something (a person, an object, your house, etc) that it will create a circle of light protection. These crystals will be attracted to people who will actively assist in bringing through the anchoring energies that will aid the planet in these times. They have not yet been fully activated but are helping to set a strong foundation for the original blueprint of love flourishing throughout creation. As more and more of us grow in awareness of the primal unity of all things and open our hearts more and more transmission will come from the Lemurian Seed Crystals. Stay tuned.
Here is another fascinating article on Lemurian Crystals and Native Americans:
"Now the end of the Lemurian civilization occurred at the same time as the end of the Atlantean civilization, but even though the physical civilization ended, the consciousness of Lemuria has never gone. It is kept alive in the earth of your planet so that you will never forget your ancient past. All of the indigenous peoples, the Indians in this area of the world - United States, South America, Canada - are the memory -carriers of the Lemurian civilization. They have memories of the ancient ways locked within them. Even though those memories remain locked, the energy itself is felt on the planet. One day those memories will be unlocked."

Toward the end of the Lemurian civilization, the physical beings were aware that there was going to be a great change in the land mass. There was a decision that all of the precious knowledge from Lemuria would somehow be stored on the Earth for later use. For about 300 years before the end of the Lemurian civilization, these physical beings began preparing for a cataclysm. They began different ways of record storage. One thing they did was to program what they called "seed crystals." These seed crystals are programmed with the knowledge of ancient Lemuria. They were scattered throughout your planet. Some of these crystals were put in areas of your world that were rich in crystalline growth. That way, the seed crystals could program the crystals that would grow throughout time. This is how you will find crystals that have knowledge stored within them, for when you place one crystal in proximity to another, there can be an information transfer between them....." [/QUOTE]


add to that

Quote Kiehsa - Little Grandmothers Urgent Advive - to use QUARTS - Crystals NOW:
Mother Earth is awakening.. much is being done in the coming days.. and we Must unite each other in love and to Gaia Beloved Mother.. this is important dear family and i will write extensively on this very soon.. but please.. gather yourselves a piece of quarts crystal and wear it around your neck.. IT is time to reconnect ourselves to Mother..
A small piece of quarts crystal on a simple leather twine or another natural necklace.. it doesn't have to be big.. it can be small.. place it around your neck.. place them on your children.. on your loved ones.. The energy of Mother is bei...ng reclaimed by the loving human being and her crystals, her heart and her link to our own energy is being renewed... this is more important than i can express here.. but do this my family.. and wear it day and night.. There will be more explained at a later date.. but it is time for us to do this now not later.. gather together yourselves and wear once again the crystals that unite us with the Mother Energy of our planet..
Before you place them around your neck hold the crystal in your hands and pray with all of your heart.. all of your goodness all of your Great I AM to connect us the human race in love to the crystals of Mother Earth and Her love, her intentions and Her conciousness! In love wear a bit of sacred mother around your neck.. so that as the crystals are awoken on planet earth this energy will link to you... and we become united as we once were during the days of Atlantis when Mother Earth and Her children were ONE!

Please spread this info to those you love.. Let every member of the Tribe of Many Colors here my words and connect to one another and Mother with a small peice of quarts...
just also to clarify kiesha just posted this on her page the type of quartz ♥

A clear quarts crystal.. just clear quarts... and yes please share this info.. the children of men will once again remember who they are and stand... to defend their mother and themselves threw love... we are the ones we have been waiting for and the time is upon us to unite with Mother Gaia again.. let our hearts beat as one.. Clear quartz is what is needed!!l

Kiesha Crowther - Little Grandmother - December 2010

On Lemurians

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On Lemurians:

I might begin by telling you that their history, the history of this
place that you call Lemuria, was separated into three defined
categories. They would be aligned much with what you call the Truth,
the Trust and the Passion, but they were called First Life, Common
Time and the Transition.

In this First Life they would also become intricately aware of the
different levels of consciousness-for instance, the mineral weave* and
how they interacted with it. You know and I know that even in today's
light the crystal is considered to be the elders of what we call the
mineral weave. The Lemurians found this out very quickly in life and
they found that they could use the mineral weave, including the
crystals, for great awarenesses. So it's relatively easy to see that
there was a balance, a balance that was woven through the entirety of
their growth.

Another great factor they used in their unfolding visions was they
would wait until the darkness fell upon the land, and then they would
lay down and they would study the stars. They would not only study
them, they would map them in their minds. They would cause a deep,
deep vibration of each star and how it interacted with the rest of the
universe. This became their night travels.


  • * the word "weave" refers to any
    pattern of thought that has been created by a level of consciousness.
    So, for example, our Earth plane consists of a number of weaves,
    including the mineral weave, the plant weave, the animal weave, the
    insect weave, and of course the weave of human. Similarly, a human
    being comprises four bodies, or weaves: physical, emotional, mental
    and spiritual.

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