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On Lemurians

posted Oct 18, 2011, 11:39 PM by Unknown user

On Lemurians:

I might begin by telling you that their history, the history of this
place that you call Lemuria, was separated into three defined
categories. They would be aligned much with what you call the Truth,
the Trust and the Passion, but they were called First Life, Common
Time and the Transition.

In this First Life they would also become intricately aware of the
different levels of consciousness-for instance, the mineral weave* and
how they interacted with it. You know and I know that even in today's
light the crystal is considered to be the elders of what we call the
mineral weave. The Lemurians found this out very quickly in life and
they found that they could use the mineral weave, including the
crystals, for great awarenesses. So it's relatively easy to see that
there was a balance, a balance that was woven through the entirety of
their growth.

Another great factor they used in their unfolding visions was they
would wait until the darkness fell upon the land, and then they would
lay down and they would study the stars. They would not only study
them, they would map them in their minds. They would cause a deep,
deep vibration of each star and how it interacted with the rest of the
universe. This became their night travels.


  • * the word "weave" refers to any
    pattern of thought that has been created by a level of consciousness.
    So, for example, our Earth plane consists of a number of weaves,
    including the mineral weave, the plant weave, the animal weave, the
    insect weave, and of course the weave of human. Similarly, a human
    being comprises four bodies, or weaves: physical, emotional, mental
    and spiritual.